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The Baikal Construction Week exhibition completed its work in Sibexpocentre

The largest exhibition of Sibexpocentre - Baikal Construction Week exhibition completed its work on April 29, 2017. The whole range of construction, finishing materials and technologies for construction, repair, projecting and interior design was presented at the exhibition platform. Participants demonstrated all their services and opportunities, and visitors could find appropriate products and equipment.

Construction is the engine of economy

One of the largest construction exhibitions in Siberia - Baikal Construction Week exhibition - was opened in Sibexpocentre on April 26, 2017. The event is very popular both among the representatives of the industrial and construction industries, and among the residents of the Irkutsk Region, because essential, modern and necessary goods and services for construction and major repairs are presented there.

The ‘Siberian Food Products’ exhibition pleased the guests with the abundance of food products

Fresh Irkutsk cheese, the most tasty dairy products, farmer products, cucumbers directly from the bed, Angara trout, Bashkir honey, Kuitun gold-of-pleasure oil, berries, nuts, fragrant spices, macaroon goods, tens of grades of honey and halvah - these and other food could be tasted by inhabitants of Irkutsk at the most tasty exhibition of spring - ‘Siberian Food Products-2017’ exhibition which finished its work on April 21 in Sibexpocentre.

Press release of The Baikal constructoin week exhibition.

April 26-29, 2017 in Sibexpocentre Irkutsk Exhibition Complex the Baikal Construction Week exhibition of construction technologies, equipment, materials and services will be held. Annually more than 150 Russian and foreign companies take part in it, and the number of visitors reaches 16 thousand 77% of which are heads and specialists of construction industry both in Irkutsk Region and the neighboring regions.

The best food products are presented at the exhibition in Sibexpocentre

April 18 the official opening of the ‘Siberian Food Products’ exhibitions took place in Sibexpocentre where the leading agricultural producers from Irkutsk Region and other regions of Russia were presented. The event is one of the authoritative annual events in the field of food and beverages and for over 20 years has been determining the vector of development of the region's food industry.  

The ‘Transport and Roads of Siberia. Special Equipment’ exhibition completed its work

The ‘Transport and Roads of Siberia. Special Equipment’ exhibition completed its work on April 14. The event traditionally demonstrates the results of the work of the transport industry for the year and also helps to establish interaction between business and government. 

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