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The ‘World of Style and Beauty’ exhibition was held for the 11th time in Sibexpocentre

No matter how trite it may sound, beauty in all its manifestations has an amazing force, it enchants amazingly and creates a unique atmosphere around itself. Visitors of the ‘World of Style and Beauty’ exhibition held on November 15-19 in Sibexpocentre were able to feel this effect. 

The ‘World of Style and Beauty’ exhibition was opened in Sibexpocentre

On November 15 in Sibexpocentre the traditional and well-liked ‘World of Style and Beauty’ exhibition was opened. For the 11th time representatives of the industry of beauty from the whole country came together on the platform of the exhibition complex. For five days the first pavilion of Sibexpocentre became the unique place where it is possible to learn all the most topical trends in cosmetology, manicure and hairdressing art, gain new knowledge on grooming, buy various cosmetics, perfumery, tools for manicure and pedicure and many other things.

From November 15 to November 19 in Sibexpocentre there will be the ‘World of Style and Beauty’ exhibition

From November 15 to November 19 in Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex there will be the ‘World of Style and Beauty’ exhibition. For the 11th time the event will become the interactive platform for demonstration of professionalism of masters, the place of communication with regular and new customers, will provide an opportunity to exchange experience and get new knowledge.

The ‘Realty Fair. Mortgages. Loans’ exhibition completed its work in Sibexpocentre

Many people are dreaming of their own house, and everyone has his own idea of the ideal real estate. Apartments in tall many-storeyed houses, townhouses, cottages, quadro houses, villettes, elite apartments outside the city - all the most current trends in the real estate market, facilities and services were presented at the 16th ‘Realty Fair. Mortgages. Loans’ exhibition in Sibexpocentre.

The most favorable offers from builders at the ‘Realty Fair’ in Sibexpocentre

November 2, in Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex the 16th ‘Realty Fair. Mortgages. Loans’ exhibition was opened. The exposition impresses with large-scale stands of companies of developers, demonstrates the most current trends in the real estate market, a wide range of profitable offers on acquisition of the residential real estate and commercial real estate, presents new facilities and services, banking products and related directions. 

_November 2-5 the 16th specialised ‘Realty Fair. Mortgages. Loans’ exhibition will be held in Sibexpocentre Irkutsk Exhibition Complex.

The participants will present a wide range of profitable proposals on acquisition of residential and commercial real estate, on the market of under construction and secondary housing, on the services accompanying construction and arrangement of buildings and premises.   

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