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About Baikal

Feel the sacred energy of Lake Baikal!

There are so many temptations in the modern world! However, there is a one surrendering to the power of it you will experience true delight without sin...Enjoyment of meeting with a wondrous creature of nature — Lake Baikal, the cleanest lake on Planet Earth.

Baikal like a diamond of rare beauty is "placed" by Creator into "necklace" of mountains and woods. It is a whole world with unique nature, where near taiga, semi-desert, tundra, rock steppe and Siberian subtropics. The sky covers all this harmony. The sky is especially endless, mystically fathomless here — by day fascinating by piercing blue, by night luring by scattering of sparkling stars.

Admiring Baikal it is impossible to avoid numbers which do not bring its poetry down to earth, but add brightness and sublimity. The length of the lake is 636 km, it is comparable with distance between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The square area of the water surface is 31.5 sq. km. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, its deepest point is 1637 m. Baikal basin contains one fifth of the world's fresh water.

Magic transparence of Baikal water brings you to the state of euphoria, endless rapture. Through transparence like through a crystal lens, you can see what depths of the lake conceal.

Baikal is a living miracle and as every living thing has its own rhythm of life and character. Three hundred rivers, rivulets and streams flow into the lake feeding enormous energy Baikal shares it with people. Exists a belief that one day spent at Lake Baikal gives vital forces for a whole year and multiplies all good qualities of a person.

Baikal is an interesting mystery presented by Nature, and no one has been able to solve it until now. There is no doubt that there is no other lake in the world so famous for its charisma and luring power which brings great joy and enormous satisfaction. At Lake Baikal people can feel longed-for unity with nature plunging into it and being filled with it.

Baikal has a remarkable feature: the more you try to learn it, be closer to it, the stronger it attracts you and makes you clearly realize that it is absolutely unique and magically inimitable.

Among all Siberian beauties and riches Baikal holds a special place. People rush to meet Baikal from all sides of the world, to relieve their feelings properly. Baikal like a generous host welcomes its guest creating home comforts for them. Here, far away from big city life, on the shore of the sacred lake, tourists can stay in comfortable hotels. Cosy rooms, conference halls and a Russian sauna. Hotel restaurants offer diversified menu: these are Baikal fish exclusive dishes, wild game delicacies, traditional Russian and European cuisines' dishes. Nobody can remain indifferent to excursion programs.

Feeling the bliss of the meeting with Baikal once, very few travelers do not seek to be on its shores again and again, to touch it and feel unforgettable taste of its water.

It is so easy to understand why pagan deities of nations living near Lake Baikal from the earliest times chose their dwelling place by the lake — it is a suitable place for Deities.

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