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22 march
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Tamara Kuznetsova, Manager of Harvest bakery, Natalya Kuznetsova, Shop-assistant of the bakery, Baikalsk:

— At the Agricultural Week exhibition we are already known. It is pleasant that people come namely to us: for bird cherry pies, for bread, for cakes. We always have a lot of people at our stand. Especially for the exhibition we prepared and brought novelties — shanga with a bird cherry, cakes, expanded a variety of quick bread. We are pleased with participation in the exhibition, thanks to the organisers, I think next year we will definitely participate.

Anton Zarukin, Territory Manager of Usolye Meat Products CJSC:

— It's a pity that many leading enterprises of Irkutsk Region refused to participate in the Agricultural Week exhibition, as it defines the results of the year. The purpose of participation is to demonstrate trends of production to participants and population, to show the progress, loudly to declare that we exist. The exhibition focuses on buyer, namely here people can get acquainted with novelties, buy fresh products, remember new brands. I believe all large and small manufacturers should participate in the Agricultural Week exhibition. Thanks to the organisers of the exhibition for giving an opportunity for companies — to express themselves, to expand the network of retail sales, get new customers and buyers. It is very important.

Tatyana Lushnikova, Head of Marketing Department of Sayan Broiler LLC:

 — The exhibition was very successful for us. Sayan Broiler LLC has been taking part in the Agricultural Week exhibition not for the first year. The primary objective for us at the exhibition is communication with our customers. There are visitors of the exhibition who come to our stand every year, share their impressions about the work of our retail outlets and our novelties. So I want to thank the organisers of the Agricultural Week exhibition for providing a platform for communication with our customers. A lot of visitors came and it was pleasant to see students, future mummies and buyers of all ages. We sincerely thank the organisers for such a great and important event, as the Agricultural Week exhibition.

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