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the Baikal Construction Week exhibition
May 20 —  23, 2014

The Baikal Construction Week exhibition of a construction materials, technologies, equipment and services will be held in Irkutsk Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex on May 20—23, 2014. It is the largest and the most expected exhibition in the region.

The exhibition is organised by Sibexpocentre OJSC with official support of the Russian union of builders, Government of Irkutsk Region, Administration of Irkutsk city, East Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs Irkutsk regional association of employers, with active participation of the Ministry of Construction, Road Facilities of Irkutsk Region, under patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

The participation was confirmed by more than 200 companies from Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region, Ulan-Ude, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Barnaul, Vladivostok, Chita, Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as from China, Germany and Finland. The enclosed exhibition exposition will occupy the first, second and third pavilions of exhibition complex, its total area will be 4 500 sq.m. Exposition area on the Sibexpocentre open area will be 3 400 sq.m.

Modern building, finishing and repair technologies, materials, tools and constructions, life support systems of buildings and structures, air conditioning and ventilation systems, architectural design, plumbing and the equipment for a bathroom, sauna, swimming pool, interior, design, landscape architecture and many other things necessary for the construction and equipment of any type of room will be presented at the stands.

The business programme of the exhibition is the presentation of new products in the construction industry
and various workshops for their application, installation and operation, as well as seminars and round tables at which representatives of authority and business will meet to discuss current issues and prospects of the industry. Topical issues in the industry will be considered at the Problems and Prospects of the Construction Industry Development of Irkutsk Region conference which will be held by the Ministry of Construction and Road Facilities with the Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs Irkutsk regional association of employers and Union of builders of Irkutsk Region.

For all comers there will be special training master classes on the French decorative coatings, on application and use of paintwork materials from regional producers, on use and installation of modern power-efficient climate systems. Daily during the exhibition there will be seminars on metering devices, specialists of the manufacturing plant will tell about model choice rule and features of use and installation. In The Circle combined exposition in pavilion No. 2 there will be presentations and competitions with prizes and gifts every day.

The exhibition permits professionals to get acquainted with novelties of construction materials and technologies, to come into business contacts and to find new clients, to exchange experience with colleagues and to develop intersectoral cooperation. Visitors will be able to get necessary building materials and to get free advice from professionals: architects, designers and builders on all interesting questions. The exhibition ends on May 23, 2014 with summing up the results of the best exhibitor competition and rewarding of participants.

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