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On May 20 —  23, 2014 a specialised BAIKAL CONCTRUCTION WEEK exhibition was held at Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex.
The exhibition is held annually since 1996.
Sibexpocentre OJSC — a member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, the leading exhibition company of Eastern Siberia.
With active participation of: the Ministry of Construction, Road Facilities of Irkutsk Region.
Official support: the Government of Irkutsk Region, the Administration of Irkutsk city, Builders of Russia Union, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eastern Siberia, Producers and Entrepreneurs Partnership Irkutsk Regional Association of Employers.
Under the patronage of: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.
Duration: 4 days
Space: Pavilion — 4500 sq.m.
Open air — 3400 sq.m.
Number of participants: 238 companies
Number of visitors: 25700 people

Not only professionals of the construction industry but also many citizens were interested in the largest exhibition: summer is the most popular season of apartment remodeling and construction of houses, summer cottages and baths. Large construction organisations set to work also actively: according to experts, though modern technologies make it possible to build houses in freezing temperatures but three short Siberian summer months are still the most intense peak of construction.

The opening ceremony was attended by:

Aleksandr Protsenko,
Deputy Minister for Construction, road facilities of Irkutsk Region;

Konstantin Shavrin, President of the Eastern Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

Sergei Vakhonin, General Director of the Executive Directorate of the Union of Builders of Irkutsk Region;

Semen Ignatyugin, First Vice President Assistant of the Builders of Russia Union;

Andrei Shapovalov, Director General of Sibexpocentre OJSC.

Aleksandr Protsenko, Deputy Minister of construction and road economy of Irkutsk Region reported:
 — Some factors prevent the development of building industry, among them are: cuts in public expenditure on capital investments, low industry average profitability of construction on the back of advancing price increase for building materials and energy resources, and also insufficient rates of development of innovative processes in the industry.
However, according to Aleksandr Protsenko, generally the situation is stable in the construction industry at the moment; there is no scarcity of basic building materials, because most of them are made ​​in Irkutsk Region. Generally composite and finishing materials, fittings are delivered.
 — The Baikal Construction Week exhibition is held for the 19th time and is becoming increasingly important for the region — Konstantin Shavrin said. — It gives a good start to the construction season in Irkutsk Region. Although now there are new technologies that enable you to build at low temperatures, nevertheless, summer is the most intense season for us.

- Practice of holding of the exhibitions in the field of construction shows that communication is one of its most important points, — Sergei Vakhonin noted. — Now there are no problems with existence of modern technologies and techniques, they exist, the question is how to bring these technologies to the region, present and implement them and there is no well-oiled machine yet. Therefore, everything is solved by means of communication, discussion at seminars and conferences.

At stands participants presented all things needed for construction, warmth-keeping, protection, repair, finishing and decor — materials, tools, technologies and services.
At exhibition stands of three pavilions and the open area it was possible to learn about advantages of wood construction, brick or aerated concrete construction, to choose technological process of foundation, materials for roof and facade, insulation, finishing materials, windows and doors, paving flag, garden decor and many other things.

Geography of participants:
Russia, China, Germany, Finland
Irkutsk Region 80%
Other regions of Russia 17%
Foreign participants 3%

Geographical distribution among regions of Russia:

Altai Territory
Buryatia, Republic
Transbaikal Territory
Krasnodar Territory
Krasnoyarsk Territory

Moscow, City
Moscow Region
Novosibirsk Region
Omsk Region
Primorsk Territory

St. Petersburg, City
Tomsk Region
Khabarovsk Territory

Spheres of exhibitors' activities:
Building technologies, materials, constructions — 36%
Interior and finishing materials −14%
Construction, reconstruction — 8%
Heating, water supply, sewerage — 15%
Machinery, equipment and tools — 12%
Gate systems, windows and doors — 9%
Landscape architecture — 4%
Related Services — 2%

Areas of exhibitors' activity:
Manufacturing plants — 59%
Suppliers — 36%
Services — 5%
The exhibition was visited by heads and employees of construction companies and residents of the city who were actively preparing for upcoming construction and repair season.

Building technologies, materials, constructions — 36%Interior and finishing materials −14%Construction, reconstruction — 8%Heating, water supply, sewerage — 15%Machinery, equipment and tools — 12%Gate systems, windows and doors — 9%Landscape architecture — 4%Related Services — 2%Manufacturing plants — 59%Suppliers — 36%Services — 5%The exhibition was visited by heads and employees of construction companies and residents of the city who were actively preparing for upcoming construction and repair season.

Visitors' structure:
Officials and higher level managers — 43%
Specialists — 28%
Buyers, customers −26%
Others — 3%

Geography of visitors:
Irkutsk Region — 86%
Other regions of Russia — 12%
Foreign visitors — 2%

Extensive advertising campaign was held to provide the success of the Baikal Construction Week exhibition, it included:
E-mailing of invitations;
Placement of advertising banners and information on the exhibition, specialised and information portals — about 45 resources;
Placement of advertising models and information in specialised, information and infotainment print media — more than 45 publications;
Banner advertising on the main page of the city information portal http://www.irk.ru/;
Advertising on Facebook, Vkontakte social networking sites;
Outdoor Advertising (Billboard) — 194 sheets;
Outdoor advertising (billboards) in Starokuzmikhinskaya /Vampilova; Nizhnee Ushakovskoe Koltso; Mayakovskogo Communication House; Baikal tract/stele Irkutsk; Sovetskaya / Aeroflotskaya.
Broadcast advertising clips and stories in local and regional television channels — Russia, Russia 2, STS, AIST, NTV, 5th channel, First channel, Ren-TV;
Rent of promotional audio clips on radio stations, there are Europe +, Radio7, Autoradio, Chanson;
Audio clip translation in the shopping centres and major construction markets of Irkutsk there are trade area "Fortune", "Building materials", "Building materials-2", "Market", SC "Pokrovsky" "Pokrovsky" market, "Region" market, "Priboy" market, "Znamenski" market.
Distribution of media recourses among countries and regions of Russia: Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region, Republic of Buryatia, Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Novosibirsk Region, Ekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Republic of Khakassia, Ukraine.

Types of Mass Media:
Information press — 15%
Specialised press — 30%
Television — 10%
Specialised portals — 17%
Information Portals — 8%
Social networking — 3%
Outdoor advertising — 10%
Audio advertising (including radio) — 7%


Every year the exhibition becomes a platform that brings together representatives of government and business. Here there are corporate executives, public associations and self-regulatory organisations in the construction industry.
On the exhibition opening day in Sibexpocentre the Problems and Prospects of Development of the Construction Industry of Irkutsk Region conference was held by the Ministry of Construction and Road Economy of Irkutsk Region. Specialists of construction industry and representatives of official structures spoke about problems and prospects of development of the construction industry in Irkutsk Region. Once in a while there was discussion of the requirements to the modern construction materials and technologies, as well as monitoring and negotiation of recessionary tendencies in region construction industry went separate blocks.
Irkutsk Technical Secondary School of Architecture and Construction held a flash mob "We are young professionals of the building industry of Angara region"! "Automated instrument metering of energy resources", "Swegon, modern energy-efficient air conditioning systems", "Unique comfort of home with "Internika" gantry systems", "Mont Blanc window systems — the main prospects of the development and practice of the application", "Modern technologies of production of industrial energy saving ventilation systems", "Natural coatings based on oils and waxes for wood OSMO", "Effective advertising of real estate in the Internet" seminars, "New product innovation in 2014 is soft tile of Docke company" seminar-presentation were also held within the framework of the exhibition business programme. Master classes on applying French decorative coatings "PARITET", "ACCENT", on architectural prototyping: "Low-height construction", "East Siberian Paint factory's paint materials — the appointment, application", on casting plaster moldings: "Plaster moldings in construction", on landscapers: Mosaic made ​​of pebbles and decorative stones were held daily. "NPO KARAT metering instruments" presentation was also held during the exhibition.
"Hit of the season" action including prize drawings organised by "Rules of Construction" LLC was held every day.
All exhibition days in Sibexpocentre some energy was felt, there was some motion, master classes and seminars were held, in one end of pavilion people painted, in other — people built. To exhibition end participants and guests looked tired, but happy.
During official closing the best exhibitors were presented gold and silver stars, and also diplomas..
 — Thanks to all Baikal Construction Week participants that new technologies and materials came to our region, thanks for decoration of stands, we are sure that everyone has new contacts, new partners, new acquaintances, — Lyudmila Galaeva, Director of exhibitions' organisation department of Sibexpocentre OJSC thanked participants. — We hope, our cooperation will continue, welcome to Sibexpocentre!

Special price for participation of the exhibition was awarded to 
united exposition of GATE CENTRE, LLC and FACADE TECHNOLOGY, LLC.

GOLD STARS were awarded to:



Sergey Brilka, Deputy Speaker or Deputy Chairman of Legislative Assembly of Irkutsk Region, Honored Builder of the Russian Federation:
 — I went through all three pavilions of the exhibition and was satisfied. Once we were at the beginnings of the Baikal Construction Week exhibition, at that time I was Deputy Governor, and now so many years later the exhibition pleases me. I can honestly say — I am delighted with the fact that we make such a great progress, everything is represented here — absolutely everything for the construction, both materials and modern technologies which become ingrained in our everyday lives. You can hire designers and builders and begin to build and, moreover, to build at the highest, European level. Here, at the exhibition some foreign companies, a lot of firms from other regions, but generally, certainly, representations and the companies from Irkutsk Region are presented. The question is a little bit another -where are construction materials made? I saw excellent panels for low-rise construction from the pine and fir-tree kindling-wood made in Germany on advanced technologies. And we ought to organise such production in Irkutsk Region — the region which is rich in woods. And to build, today there are all opportunities for the high-quality construction — I have already told, ranging from materials to technologies. And all this is presented here, at the Baikal Construction Week exhibition to which I am very pleased.
Aleksandr Pak, Individual Entrepreneur, Shelekhov:
 — I just recently opened my own company — won a grant and received money for business development from Shelekhov city administration. I started working together with wife and we brought the first products to the exhibition. We decided to participate in the exhibition to let people know that there are such goods, such technologies. We offer photo panels from glass which still nobody makes in Irkutsk. Several months ago we got technology and then made samplers. Such panels are used everywhere, both for internal rooms and for bathrooms. We are very pleasant that people are interested in our production.
Aleksandr Krasnov, Head of sales department in Nova Company, Chita:
 — Our Company participates in the Baikal Week exhibition for the first time, we brought ladders and steps which we make. We came here to offer the cooperation for trading companies in Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region. It is pleasant that the interest of both the entrepreneurs and buyers to our staircases is profound we hope that our Irkutsk citizens will be able soon to get step-ladders and ladders in city shops.
Aleksandr Zolotuev, Manager of wholesales in Blago retail complex:
 — Every year we wait for the Baikal Construction Week exhibition to take part in it. We do it to attract new clients and to maintain image of the company. This year brought new items — shingles, drainage systems, Titan glue. As a rule, heat-insulating and facing panels are in the maximum demand. In comparison with the previous exhibitions, now here are much more buyers. Thanks to such particular attention to the stand of our company we have already signed some contracts for deliveries of materials. I figure this year we worked very productively.
Kseniya Shaveiko, Marketing Manager of Mir LLC:
 — Chita ceramics factory plans to enter the Irkutsk market. We know that in Irkutsk there is its own production of bricks, but now the construction season begins and usually brick is sold out well in this period, in fact, there are times when it is even not enough, so we want to offer our own brick. In order to do it our factory participates in the exhibition. We brought a novelty — a building stone, it looks like a huge brick but thanks to it interest to our stand is profound. Such stone is not produced in Irkutsk, it is brought, but the price for our stone is lower because Chita is not far from your city. And there is already a long line for the exhibition samples, many people want to buy it.
Aleksei Ponomarev, Director General of Alit-tm LLC, Honourable builder of Russia:
 — Our company makes an autoclave aerocrete which ideally suits for low-rise construction in seismic conditions in Irkutsk. Our production has been working since 2000, in 2004 our blocks took part in real seismic tests and received use recommendation for construction in seismically active areas. Recently our factory finished at last reconstruction, modernisation and achieved perfect quality of aerocrete. I am pleased that visitors of the exhibition estimated it.
Aleksei Krukovsky, Maksim Stasyuk, representatives of Ego Engineering Company, Moscow:
 — The Baikal Construction Week-2014 exhibition made a very good impression. High level of the organisation and the professionalism of Sibexpocentre employees should be mentioned. The logistics, in particular, arrival and departure of exhibitors is very competently organised. Judging by number of participants, the exhibition enjoys popularity among the leading construction and trading companies of the region. It will be pleasant to participate in the Baikal Construction Week-2015!
We remind that the XX anniversary Baikal Construction Week exhibition will be held on May 19—22, 2015 in Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex.

We will be glad to see you among participants and visitors of the exhibition!

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