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Results of the 18th specialised Baikaltour exhibition

March 26—28, 2014 the specialised international Baikaltour exhibition was held in the Sibexpocentre exhibition complex.
The exposition demonstrated tourist opportunities and potential of our region and other regions of Russia and foreign countries.
The Baikaltour exhibition is an excellent opportunity to discover a charm of travel on the native land. Year by year the number of the companies providing the recreational possibilities on Baikal steadily grows, new modern hotels and sanatoriums are actively built, service increases. Visitors had the opportunity to get summer tour to Baikal at a very attractive price.

The first exhibition was held
in 1996.

Exhibition organisers:
Sibexpocentre OJSC is a member of the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs, the leading exhibition organisation of Eastern Siberia;

Official supporters:
Tourist Agencies of the Irkutsk Region; The Administration of Irkutsk city; The Administration of Siberian Baikal Tourism Association; The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eastern Siberia;

3 days
Total area: 2,500 sq.m.
Number of exhibitors: 109 companies
Number of visitors: 7,000 people

The opening ceremony was attended by:
Sergey Dubrovin
Deputy Governor of Irkutsk Region
Marina Rozhkova
Head of the Tourist Agency of Irkutsk Region
Igor Kovalenko
Chairman of the Siberian Baikal Association of Tourism
Lyudmila Galayeva
Head of Department of Sibexpocentre OJSC exhibitions' organisation

Sergey Dubrovin, Deputy Governor of Irkutsk Region, said: "We have the best places in our region. At the exhibition we show everyone — please, come, look, have a rest here. All conditions are created for this purpose. Besides, we invited the northern provinces of China, Mongolia, and Korea to the exhibition — these countries wait for us today with pleasure and provide all recreation facilities.

"The today's exhibition is very interesting; it develops and demonstrates our prospects. If we continue to work together in this business, it will be possible to say that there is a new cluster in the Irkutsk region — the tourist industry".

Marina Rozhkova,
Head of the Tourist Agency of Irkutsk Region said: "It is pleasant to understand that the exhibition is still one of the most effective instruments to promote tourist products and services in our century of technologies. The Baikaltour exhibition is rather diversified. Numerous conferences, presentations, master classes, flashmobs, interactive actions are waiting for you. A lot of attention is paid to development of children's tourism; there is a growth of a medical tourism which is also rather widely presented at the exhibition.

The different directions enjoyed popularity among visitors, both Russian, and foreign. And it must be said, the choice of tours was great — family, children's, active, business, medical, exotic, beach, individual — at the exhibition everyone could pick up the tour taking into account his/her wishes.

At stands of the largest tour operators of outbound tourism — such companies as "Tez Tour", "Coral Travel", "Pegas Touristik", "Sunmar Tour" it was possible to receive full information on tourist's products of the coming season. Everyone could take colourful catalogues of tour operators, agencies, hotels or sanatoria to choose vacation spot in a quiet homishness.

One part of the exhibition was devoted to the medical tourism. Here sanatoria, health resorts, recreation centres, treatment facilities of Russia, Korea and China, such as "Belokuriha", "Cedar", "Lake Karachi", "Samsung" Medical Center, "Tangantszy", "Shakhtyorsky" and "Poberezhye Zolotoy Kamen" presented their services.

This year, the companies from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (China) participated widely: more than 45 representatives of travel companies, city halls and city governments of Manchuria and Erlian told about recreation in China. "The Inner Mongolia is an attractive place for tourists thanks to its identity, favorable environment and well-developed infrastructure" — representatives of Tourist Authority of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region said.


Geography of participants:
Russia (Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region, Republic of Buryatia, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Altai Region, St. Petersburg), China, Mongolia, Korea.
Irkutsk Region 66%
Other regions of Russia 10%
Foreign participants 24%

Spheres of exhibitors" activities:
Travel companies 35%
Hotels, recreation centres 16%
Motels and Resorts 11%
Transport companies 2%
Associations, unions and administrations 27%
Related Services 9%


The structural composition of visitors:
Executives and upper level managers 24%
Specialists 33%
Customers 40%
Others 3%

Geographic composition:
Irkutsk Region 78%
Other regions of Russia 16%
Foreign participants 6%

Advertising Campaign:
To make the Baikaltour exhibition more successful an extensive advertising campaign was held, it included:
E-mail invitations;
Placement of advertising banners and information on the exhibitional, specialised and informative portals — more than 40 resources;
Banner advertising on the main page of the city information portal;
Banner advertising on the site www.odnoklassniki.ru;
Placement of advertising inserts and information in specialised, informational and infotainment print media — more than 25 editions;
Advertising in social networks Facebook, Vkontakte;
Outdoor Advertising (Billboard) — 194 billboards;
Placement of the exhibition banner on Lenin Gorky St. screen;
Placement of the exhibition banner in the ice town "Crystal fairy tale" (Solnechny microdistrict);
Broadcast of advertising clips in local and regional television channels — First, Russia, STS, Russia 2;
Broadcast of audio advertisement on the radio — Retro FM, Autoradio, Europe plus;

The distribution of media recourses among countries and regions of Russia: Irkutsk Region, Zabaykalsky Krai, Chita Region, Republic of Buryatia, Primorsky Krai, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Novosibirsk Region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg.

Types of Mass Media:
Information press — 13%
Specialised press — 11%
Infotainment press — 17%
Television — 9 %
Specialised portals — 15%
Information portals −20%
Social networks — 3%
Outdoor advertising — 5%
Audio advertising — 7%


Within the exhibition there were a lot of interesting presentations, master classes, seminars and round tables, performances of creative teams.

Colourful and effective opening with speeches of representatives of the ethnocultural centres and diasporas from the beginning created a holiday atmosphere at the exhibition. The shaman ceremony, Buryat ehor, Azerbaijani lezginka, Lithuanian, Belorussian, Chuvash songs and dances caused exhibition's visitors and guests a lot of positive emotions.
Within the exhibition for the first time the Tea auction of the Tea Caravan project was held its organisers were Baikal Sputnik LLC and Tea Road Association (the Inner Mongolia, China). Ancient drink was delivered to Sibexpocentre on dogsleds. All money gathered at the auction was transferred to the orphanage.

The department of tourism and international activities of the Committee of Irkutsk Economy with the assistance of the Tourism and Hotel Business professional chair in the Baikal State University of Economics and Law organised the "Great Tea Road. Three centuries" round table. The "Great Tea Road" is a collaboration project, which purpose is to use the rich cultural and historical heritage of the immense territory of Eurasia connected with an era of the trade route for the tourism development, strengthening of international relations, expansion of tourist exchange, attraction of investments, increase of tourism contribution to economy and social sphere.

The following presentations were held for industry professionals and visitors of the exhibition: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (China), Siberian Baikal association of tourism, Korean Samsung medical centre, Coral Travel Company, Versa Tour operator, Korean Air Airline, Akris company.

The centre of children's additional education development of Irkutsk Region held master classes and performances which made the exhibition programme more diverse and enriched.

The Baikaltour exhibition ended with congratulation of participants, summing up the results, awarding winners with gold and silver stars and exhibition diplomas.

GOLD STARS were awarded to:


Tatyana Falkovskaya, Director of the Baikal Regional Tourist Information Centre (Irkutsk):

In my opinion, this year's exhibition was more informative and saturated, than previously. There was the interesting participant list and a lot of foreign representatives. We received a lot of useful information and knowledge.

The special impression was made by creative items on the programme (the Buryat teams were fine fellows, they organised the excellent art programme: ehor, throat singing).

We wish the exhibition will be further developed and prospered!

Joo Jeong Wang, Manager of the Medical Centre "Samsung" (Korea):

- Thank you very much for the warm welcome and a very interesting exhibition. We actively worked on Baikaltour and succeeded to sign contracts on cooperation with several companies. Judging by the meetings in the exhibition — we interested a lot of people in Irkutsk who, as we hope, surely will come to Korea to visit our medical centre for treatment and rehabilitation. With confidence we can say that this exhibition is very productive for us, there are a lot of clients, and both stand design and the whole organisation of the event were very pleasant.

Wan Hunbo, Director of SHANGHAI FIRST SINO INT TRAVEL LTD travel company (Shanghai, China):

- We participate in the Baikaltour exhibition the first time. We are pleased with the organisation of the event, participant list and, surely, audience who visited an exhibition very much.

The first day of the exhibition was especially profitable for us. We have had a lot of meetings with potential clients; it was very pleasant to notice the interest of visitors to our stand and our services. We are going to visit the exhibition next year as well.

Inna, representative of the Korean Airlines "Korean air" (representative office in Irkutsk):
- In my opinion the Baikaltour exhibition is a very useful event as for representatives of the tourism industry, because it provides a good opportunity for exchanging experiences and searching partners, as for ordinary visitors who can get acquainted here with all tourist's offers for the forthcoming tourist season.
It's great that everything is on the one stage: for example, at one stand visitors can learn about recreation opportunities in Korea, and at our stand they will receive full-length information on flights to Korea. It is very convenient.
Our company participated in an exhibition for the first time. We are very satisfied with our work, and we are going to participate in Baikaltour further. Thanks to the organizers!

Emilia Mageramova, senior specialist of the Coral Travel Company (Irkutsk):
- The Coral Travel Company was glad to participate in the Baikaltour exhibition once again. The exhibition allowed us to give our potential customers a lot of interesting and important information. At the present time we have expanded flight program — since winter 2013 we have been offering flights to Vietnam, we also prolonged the program to Thailand, and we offer Turkey — favorite country for Siberians.
All our tasks at the exhibition were performed; let's hope that in the future we will get excellent results.

Evgeny Ryzhichenkov, leading expert of "SUNMAR TOUR" regional marketing and sales department (Moscow):
- Our company cooperates with more than 15,000 tour agencies; it is among leaders of the tourist's market, organizing tours to various countries. The SUNMAR flight program includes 27 cities of a departure.
We participated in the Baikaltour exhibition for the first time. We were pleasantly surprised by the first day of the exhibition. There were a lot of interested visitors — both professional tourist public, and potential clients.
We will analyse the results of the exhibition later, but the fact that during working days of Baikaltour we managed to distribute almost all catalogs and printing products shows the efficiency of this event.

We remind that the XIX Specialized Baikaltour Exhibition will be held on March 25—27, 2015 in Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex.

We will be glad to see you among participants and visitors of the exhibition!

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