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Lola Belousova, Branch Manager of social and labor rehabilitation of Irkutsk children's care home No.2 for mentally retarded children:

— Our children's home participates in the Family World exhibition in Sibexpocentre for the first time. We came here to get experience of socialisation of children and their possible disposal to families while communicating with colleagues teachers. It is not a secret that all children without exception need parents, and I think that sick children need them even more than healthy ones. We decorated our stand with the works of our children, including drawing, molding and applications. Although our children are disabled people, they are just kids and they rejoice and sorrow as well and try to make something with their own hands as well. And we are proud that here at the exhibition visitors and our colleagues saw the works of our pupils and estimated their diligence.

Olga Dunina, Head of department of maintaining of the regional databank on children without parental support of the Ministry of social development, guardianship and custody of Irkutsk Region:

— The Family World exhibition is important and needful for inhabitants of Irkutsk Region. It gives the chance to carry out explanatory and consultation work with the public, and, first of all, with youth — what should be a family, for what family traditions are and for what in general a social unit is needed. At numerous seminars and trainings parents, especially young parents, learn how it is correct to bring up a child, what he has to know and be able to do. Here, at the exhibition, young families get acquainted with each other, exchange experience, join clubs of young families where they learn in what they can realise themselves. I'd like to make a pointed reference to participation in the exhibition of various organisations which provide help to families in a variety of matters, ranging from aids receiving to employment, consultations on rendering psychological aid are also held — what to do in a difficult situation with a teenager, whom to apply and how to behave, etc. Summer holidays for children are also presented at the exhibition, as well as consultations for specified categories of citizens which can use travel warrants to camps at discount prices. And it is necessary to tell about one more point of the exhibition — disposal of children without parental support to families. We brought brochures, posters with photos of children who live in orphanages and child care centres to the exhibition. Of course, all of them need mom and dad. And at the exhibition, there is such special atmosphere, kind, sincere, and some visitors have already told us: "You know, we never thought of taking a child in a family, but here, at the exhibition, we started thinking about it".

Veronika Timofeeva, Chairman of Yultash national-cultural autonomy of Chuvashes of Irkutsk Region:

— Our organisation unites all Chuvashes of Irkutsk Region, we participated with pleasure in the exhibition in order to show that we keep our national traditions, we don't forget our language, and we teach language our youth. To the exhibition we brought our creativity, lace doilies, tack welds and embroidery. We are very pleases that here, at the exhibition, we secured orders for needlework and got the invitation to educational institutions of Irkutsk to hold presentation of our organisation, to tell about ourselves.
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