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The kindest exhibition — the Family World exhibition — came to the end in Sibexpocentre

The Family World exhibition in Sibexpocentre concluded its work on May 16, 2014. Four days of kind meetings, demonstrations of achievements of active, large and multinational families of Irkutsk Region, consultations and master classes, concerts and performances. The exhibition became the real holiday for participants and guests it was popular among the citizens — during its work Sibexpocentre was visited by 12 000 people.

The Family World exhibition was held for the seventh time and became a good tradition. The female and youth public associations, organisations of social protection, guardianship and custody of Irkutsk Region, educational institutions, medical institutions, public educational institutions as well as individual firms and companies offering goods and services for a family participated in it. This year large families, foster families and multinational families became active participants of the exhibition. Exhibitors and guests of the event noted a highly topical programme which included master classes, concerts, performances and competitions. Training seminars for young families, pregnant women were also held as well as for parents of teenagers who demand from mothers and fathers heat, care and love not less than kids. Whether it is necessary to punish them and how to notice that the child is going to make a suicide, experts of the Centre of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Correction regional state funded educational institution told.

The national cultural centres of Irkutsk Region demonstrated to visitors their expositions. For example, the Krivichi youth club represented Irkutsk association of the Belarusian culture named after J.D. Chersky. Many visitors noted national linen towels, lace doilies, bathroom linen and tablecloths which were beautifully laid out at the stand of the organisation. And Yultash Irkutsk Regional Chuvash Cultural Centre directly at the exhibition secured orders for production of lace doilies and the embroidered towels.

The Close-knit Family — Close-knit Russia festival of clubs for young families was held by the Ministry of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy. Bright representatives of several districts of the region with their entire families took in guests, treated with loaves and baking, buuzy and koumiss, pies and jam they also sang songs for the audience, read poems and showed cheerful sketches.

The Ministry of Social Development, Guardianship and Custody of Irkutsk Region and Regional Centre for Social Help to Families and Children Regional Publicly Funded National Institution of Social Services conducted My Family — My Wealth competition among foster families of the region. Six families presented their visiting card, home creative task, decorated the stand, showing the talents and achievements — medals, mugs, commendations, handiworks etc. The competition jury declared Mineev family as the funniest family, Yachmenev family — the most talented family, Kotlyarov family — the most musical family, Hamanov family — the brightest and the most expressive family, Vedyashkin-Yurinskii family — the most creative family and Dryukov family — the friendliest family.

At a ceremony of celebration of the International Family Day on May 15 within the exhibition gifted children and talented youth were awarded with the grants of Irkutsk Region governor for culture and art achievements in 2014. 60 children from Irkutsk, Sayansk, Angarsk, Bratsk, Nizhneudinsk, Usolye Sibirskoe, Ust Kut, Cheremkhovo, Baikalsk, Tulun, Kirensk, Ust-Ordynsky and New Igirma settlements, Ust — Ilim district received nominal certificates which were presented personally by Sergey Eroshchenko, Governor of Irkutsk Region.

— The grant is a support for young talented inhabitants of Angarski Krai, — Sergey Eroshchenko said. — Children achieved considerable progress in creativity. Good results are not possible without great piece of work and discipline of excellence. There are no facile victories and pennies from heaven. Every step towards success and recognition is not easy. Your teachers and parents are always nearby you and they justly share gladness of success with you today.

After the prise distribution the Governor of Irkutsk Region got acquainted with the participants of the exhibition. At each stand people were glad to see Sergey Eroshchenko: with a smile they presented him souvenirs and gifts, treated with honey, pies and loaf. The governor was interested not only in achievements of the organisations but also in their problems.

— Family is the most important and valuable thing for each of us. For me and for the Government of Irkutsk Region problems of a family institute strengthening, social protection of motherhood and the childhood are with highest priority, — Sergey Eroshchenko emphasised.

— Every child should grow up in a family, — Valentina Voblikova, Deputy Prime Minister of Irkutsk Region. — It is great that here, at the exhibition those who wish can learn new methods of childrearing, exchange experience and receive useful information and the help.

Opportunity to exchange experience at the Family World exhibition was noted by many exhibitors — children's homes and care homes. Each of them applies their own methods there are standard methods and innovative ones which function more productively and give better results.

The festive mood was created by concerts of the national cultural centres and creative families. They gathered a large number of spectators and caused a great tornado of applause.

Official closing of the exhibition was held on May 16. By tradition, on the performance venue the most active participants were awarded, they were presented gold and silver stars as well as exhibition diplomas.

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