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Family World
May 13 —  16, 2014

A Family World specialised exhibition will be held in Sibexpocentre on May 13—16, 2014.

The exhibition is organised by Sibexpocentre OJSC with an active participation of the Ministry of Social Development, Guardianship and Custody of Irkutsk Region and official support of the Irkutsk Region Government and the Administration of Irkutsk city.

The Family World exhibition is one of the most important social projects in the region its carrying is confined to the International Day of the family which is celebrated on May 15. Exhibition aims are to promulgate family values, conservation of family traditions, reproductive health of family and harmonious education of children. The Exhibition promotes also the implementation of government social programmes in the field of social support and population protection.

Participants of the Family World exhibition were the female and youth non-governmental organisations, organisations of social protection, guardianship and custody of Irkutsk Region, educational institutions, medical institutions, public educational institutions as well as individual firms and companies.

Angara Baikal regional women's Union at a roundtable discussion will tell how to improve the family welfare by means of social entrepreneurship. Bereginya Alliance of non-governmental associations of large families in Irkutsk Region will hold a Large Family — Basis of the State regional conference. Russian Union of Rural Women will organise activities dedicated to the strengthening of family traditions, family ties and the promotion of foster families during the exhibition.

Within the exhibition a Close-knit Family — Close-knit Russia festival of clubs for young families will be held. It will be held by the Ministry of Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Policy of Irkutsk Region.

On May 15, a Family Traditions — Happy Russia festive event and honoring of Irkutsk Region's families which brought up children worthy will be held. The same day the Ministry of Social Development, Guardianship and Custody of Irkutsk Region and Territorial Centre of the Social Help to Families and Children regional state-financed institution of social services will hold a My Family — My Wealth competition. Its participants are foster families from six districts of Angara Region which prepared for it and performed creative tasks. The competition purpose is to show that it is family, whether birth or foster, gives the chance to the child to open completely the creative abilities and talents and joint activity of children and parents helps them to stick together and understand each other better.

The exhibition programme is extensive and various every visitor will find interesting and useful event for himself. Especially for children the masters of Irkutsk Regional House of Folk Arts will give master classes on needlework: children will learn how to make a folk doll or a ceramic sun. Parents will be able to visit seminars concerning children's education and secrets of family happiness. Thematic consultations for pregnant women and young mothers will be also held so they will be able to receive answers to questions about breast-feeding, babywearing and to consult with experts concerning relationship in a young family. Performances of creative collectives and concerted family items will bring pleasure and good spirits to the exhibitors and visitors.

Youth Career-oriented Centre regional state public institution will tell teenagers and young people how to get a job, will deliver intensive training. During the exhibition a fair of vacancies will be here. Centre for the Prevention, Rehabilitation and Correction regional state funded educational institution will hold a series of the seminars concerning mutual understanding with children in difficult adolescence and conflict-free problem solving, including, a seminar on prevention of children's suicides.

The results of the Family World exhibition will be announced in Sibexpocentre on May 16, 2014.

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