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Galina Dubovich, Chairman of Irkutsk club of gardeners-experimenters named after A. K. Tomson, Lidiya Samochko, Head of the section of berry bushes of Irkutsk club of gardeners-experimenters named after A. K. Tomson:

— The club of gardeners-experimenters named after A. K. Tomson has been participating in the "Gardening and country-house. Garden design" exhibition throughout the years. Thanks to Sibexpocentre for the chance to show our achievements here all this time. Here are a lot of us — gardeners, all of us would not be located in other place, and people always glad to see us here. We come here to share our knowledge and experience with people, to tell our pastime colleagues to properly grow up vegetables, berries, bushes. How often to water, what fertilisers to use and many other things. Gardeners of the club have a wealth of experience, and throughout the year we give classes on sections. Gardeners who visit classes, of course, gain necessary knowledge. Many gardeners come especially to the exhibition to talk to colleagues, to buy seeds, but the most important — to receive answers to their questions. The exhibition is also important because everyone shares here all the gathered experience with pleasure, get acquainted here, and the purpose of our club is to inform as many gardeners as possible.

Diana Dragan, Executive Director of Flora-design Company, Irkutsk:

— The "Gardening and country-house. Garden design" exhibition is very popular with inhabitants of Irkutsk and inhabitants of the nearby cities. You know, maybe, such exhibitions can be held more often so that people could see and know: there are various directions to improve the quality of life. We acquainted visitors of the exhibition with vegetal walls and pictures. These constructions are fixed vertically to a surface or can independently stand in space. We are glad that visitors of the exhibition showed interest to our vegetal walls, and we hope that we found here new clients. I would also like to say that we participated in the exhibition for the first time and were pleasantly surprised by the friendly attitude of the staff of Sibexpocentre. Any issues were resolved quickly and easily. We would like to say "thank you."

Natalya Dolgova, Individual Entrepreneur, Novosibirsk:

— We arrived to Irkutsk to the "Gardening and country-house. Garden design" exhibition specially to offer gardeners fruit and berry and decorative crop of the Siberian selection bred in NIISS named after M.A. Lisavenko. The sands are running out, and new plant varieties adapted to our Siberian climate and more "convenient" in attendance are specially bred at the institute. We drove for almost two days to bring wild strawberry bushes, saplings of raspberry, cherry, mespilus and currant to Irkutsk. We liked to communicate with Irkutsk gardeners. We hope that our cooperation with Sibexpocentre will proceed and the next year we will become participants of the "Gardening and country-house. Garden design" exhibition again.

Vera Beloshapkina, Officer, Irina Mokshonova, candidate of agricultural sciences, Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry  

— As summer draws to an end, we gather at the "Gardening and country-house. Garden design" exhibition in Sibexpocentre. We have such a tradition for a long time, and it is great that we have been coming here for so many years and visitors always glad to see our products. We also try to bring all the best for our gardeners: our visitors of the exhibition can buy seeds of tomatoes, peppers and onions specially bred and adapted to our conditions, to the climate of Irkutsk Region. The vegetables which have been grown up on the country site are not to be compared with purchased both in taste and useful substances' content. And health is more important! I think, according to the latest political events gardening will be developed even more strongly, and the age of the keen people will be down, that means that vegetables and berries on the plots of land will be grown up not only by pensioners, but by young people as well. And our institute will help them with it.

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