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The exhibition of achievements of gardeners completed its work

The specialised "Gardening and country-house. Garden design" exhibition completed its work in Sibexpocentre. Within four days gardeners of Irkutsk Region presented their best achievements, gave master classes, consultations, shared experience. A separate section of the exhibition was devoted to the improvement of garden plots, as well as planting of apartments and offices.

More than 100 exhibitors became participants of the exhibition. These gardeners are not only from Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region, but also from Novosibirsk, Krasnodar and other regions of Russia. Gardening is probably the most total infatuation of inhabitants of our country and the most useful: vegetable procurements for winter and jam lend a pleasant variety to a menu and are 100% eco-friendly by contrast with purchased. Anyone seriously engaged in agriculture provides the family with potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage for a year forward. Often a few acres of the ground and solicitous hands help to survive in hardships — such incidents were particularly in Taishet district of Irkutsk Region when in the middle 2000th teachers had not been getting any salary during some months and vegetables grown with their own hands rescued them from hunger.

At the exhibition gardeners presented huge tomatoes and pumpkins, as well as grapes and water-melons which have been grown up on innovative technologies. Keen people proved again that nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Nina Novikova from Kuitong, Head of "Favourite garden. Vagetable garden" club and her colleagues cover the distance in 330 kilometers to participate in a high day of gardeners for the fifth time. Last year Kuitong club presented a pie in the form of the Earth to Sergey Eroshchenko, Governor of Irkutsk Region, and this year to Irina Bondarenko, Minister of Agriculture of Angara Region. This time the pie was in the form of a vegetable basket.

Non-public slogan of the "Gardening and country-house. Garden design" exhibition advanced by participants reads as follows: no sanctions are daunting for us, we will provide for us and for a family. Indeed, looking at the ornate and colourful stands it admits of no doubt. They collect buckets of tomatoes from one bush, grow up a black currant of the size of grapes, and manage to plant different grades of potatoes on a couple of square meters. Gardeners claim that on classical six acres it is possible to grow up livelihood for a winter for a big family, including wheat. The main thing is not to be lazy and make an effort.

Such especially assiduous people became winners of professional skill and best practices competition in the field of gardening, truck farming, country economy and floriculture in the territory of Irkutsk Region. Competition was held by the Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region. Winners gained public recognition and monetary awards. Sibexpocentre OJSC held competition on the best exhibitor and presented gold and silver stars to the best of the best, as well as exhibition diplomas.

— Thanks to all participants of the exhibition, by optimism and your smiles you inspired the people round you for half a year forward, — Lyudmila Galaeva, Head of Exhibitions' Organisation Department thanked all. — Thank you for your work, thanks to support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region the exhibition grows and develops, and we will look forward to a new meeting in August, 2015. Good luck and good health!

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