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Anatoly Fedorov, Director General of Vuoksa CJSC, St. Petersburg:

— I am a happy person because my hobby is my work, my business. I have my own production of fishing tackles among which there are a lot of my own patented inventions, and with them I visit exhibitions all the country round. I visit about 25 exhibitions in a year and the "Hunting. Fishing. Recreation" Irkutsk exhibition is one of my favorite. During the day I work at the stand and in the evening I go fishing to Angara. Interest to my stand is big, it is pleasant to me that many fishermen come with whom it is possible to talk, discuss what a bait suits better for what kind of fish etc.

Olga Skorokhodova, Deputy Director of Solnechnaya Dolina Company in Tomsk:

— We produce solar batteries for our in-house development. We participate in Irkutsk exhibition for the first time, and we are pleased that visitors are interested in our batteries. We hope that as a result of our work our representation will be established here in Irkutsk. Our batteries are folded up in a small "brick", it is convenient to take them to a hike, fishing, hunting — wherever you may need to recharge your mobile phone, tablet, GPS- navigator. After all, people can not imagine themselves without mobile communications and the Internet. Our battery "saved" us last summer when we had a rest on Olkhon and before leaving we found that children discharged the car accumulator and the car could not be turned over. Three hours of recharge — and we left home.

Nadezhda Musonova, Administrator of Pokrov shop, Mariya Kostromitina, Cashier of Pokrov shop, Irkutsk:

— Our company participates in the exhibition of hunters and fishers for a long time, this year we presented new production — Polevoi Prival—1 outfit in a new colouring, Talmakh jacket, children's, man's and female fleece suits. Children's field suits which are very convenient for summer active recreation and for a camp were also presented at our stand. Visitors of the exhibition appreciated our production, many people knew that Pokrov Company would be at the exhibition for sure and came to us purposefully. Our buyers are not only hunters and fishers but also the ordinary citizens preferring to buy convenient clothes for active recreation.

Mikhail Murashov, Director of Kaida Company, Moscow:

— Irkutsk is the most distant point of our "tour" through exhibitions. We in the company make a rating of efficiency of participation in exhibitions in various cities, and Irkutsk Sibexpocentre, as a rule, takes in it the first place, sometimes it can give the pas only to Moscow All-Russia Exhibition Centre but there we have three pavilions. It is great when you know that you are looked forward — and Irkutsk people always wait for us. Here we always have good sales of all of these: rods, tackles and other subjects necessary for fishermen.

Roman Bolyakov, Manager of Kuznitsa Nazarova Company, Nizhny Novgorod:

— We come to Irkutsk for the fourth year in a row, and first of all here I like stability of attendance of the "Hunting. Fishing. Recreation" exhibition. There are always visitors and it is unimportant, morning, day or evening is now — they come, look, ask, buy our knives. And conditions which are provided by a host party — Sibexpocentre OJSC — are almost home conditions. Everything is in an orderly way, quietly, with the manager of the exhibition it is possible to resolve any issues and we are treated kindly. It should be mentioned that there is a high level of security arrangements — nobody steals, and I am confident for the goods. The next year we will definitely come to you again.

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