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The "Hunting. Fishing. Recreation" exhibition concluded its work

The "Hunting. Fishing. Recreation" exhibition concluded its work in Sibexpocentre on June 1, 2014. The specialised exhibition was held for the 12th time and traditionally brings together all lovers of hunting and fishing, as well as fans of active lifestyle.

More than 50 companies from Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region, the Buryat Republic, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and Moscow Region, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Samara Region and Nizhni Novgorod Region participated in the exhibition. Exhibitors presented modern equipment for fishing, tourist outfit and equipment, goods for outdoor activities. Visitors purchased tents, boats, sleeping bags, leisure furniture and many other useful articles they also got acquainted with programmes that Siberian tourist camps and resorts offer.

This year at the exhibition there was a large variety of hunting, fishing and tourist knifes from various smithies of Russia. Blades from steel of special hardening, short and long, fast and bending — for fish fillet preparation, glancing and mat, and all with a firm brand of manufacturer. There were always buyers at these stands, certainly, men who asked salesmen on all properties of knifes: "What if tinned goods would be opened? And what if fish would be cleaned? And what if splinters would be planed?"

Stands with overalls for tourists especially in a present difficult situation with activity of acarids, children and adult antiencephalitic overalls which thanks to a special fit don't let pass an insect to body even if it has already got on clothes.

With amazement and even mistrust visitors contemplated the stand with portable solar batteries which can be convolved into small "brick" and be taken with you wherever you go — to the wood, to the fishing trip, to the summer cottage etc.

"Once the technologies came to the point that already nobody goes fishing without Smartphone and the Internet, so technologies are needful to charge these devices", Olga Skorokhodova, participant of the exhibition from Tomsk smiles. "My husband made these batteries, we produce them. Our battery helped us out last year: we had a rest on Olkhon and were going home and children in the car turned on the music, then turned on headlights, so the accumulator has run down. In three hours we recharged it and went."

As for stands with the fishing equipment, lovers and professionals stood for a long time at them. Where as not at the exhibition, you can find so many people with the same hobbies with whom you can talk, discuss new models and colouring of plugs and spoon hooks, to share recipes of bait and to learn what fish bites better this year. Some of the exhibitors are also fishing lovers, they brought fishing-tackles of their own development and production therefore dialogues "salesman-buyer" lasted for a long time. One of such lovers — Anatoly Fedorov from St. Petersburg turned a favourite hobby into business. Having talked the first day of the exhibition to Irkutsk citizens he went fishing in the evening.

"What for is time wasting, Angara is nearby!" the man is confident.

It was necessary to see happy eyes of men leaving Sibexpocentre with a new rod or a bright plug in hands. Undoubtedly, the number of fishermen on the rivers, rivulets and small lakes around Irkutsk will soon increase — the novelties bought at the exhibition will be tested.

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