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Andreas Klug, owner of Barbers hairdressing saloon, Pforzheim, Germany:

— I came to Russia, Irkutsk to participate in "The Line of Beauty" International Festival for the first time. I am very glad to meet with my hairdresser colleagues from your country, China, Mongolia and Poland. In spite of the big distance between our cities, I did not note any differences between hairstyles of Russian and German women, and between ranges of products for hairdressers which I saw at Industry of Beauty Exhibition. Fashion is the same everywhere, and I am glad that masters from Russia work the same way as we do in Germany. I saw a lot of firms which sell the same goods for hairdressers as we use. It is nice, that we are colleagues.

Mikhail Krisko, Head of Modern chain of shops, Irkutsk:

— Our company participates in the exhibition over 10 years; we can be called "old-timers" of Industry of Beauty Exhibition. This year, I am particularly satisfied with the work at the exhibition. Our company sells equipment for hairdressers, tools and expendable materials. We always keep on top of new developments in our segment of the market, to help our Irkutsk Region masters use only modern and high quality tools made by firms proved themselves worth as reliable manufacturers. It is hairdressers who try Angara Region women and girls always have beautiful hairstyles. And we try to help them. Many thanks to Industry of Beauty Exhibition.

Catherine Kulpina, Director of Studio for hair extensions, official distributor of Belli Capelli Company:

— I participate in Industry of Beauty Exhibition for the second time running. Last year, I came to Sibexpocentre for the first time, I liked it very much: the atmosphere of the exhibition, communication, clients, new acquaintances, studio advertising. There is an opportunity to know something new, it is very valuable for employees of the beauty industry. The most important thing is that participation in the exhibition gives a long term effect; we distribute business cards, and then, two or three months later, people come to us with these business cards and tell: "We knew about you at the exhibition". Many thanks to exhibition organisers!

Natalia Bichevina, Representative of Vertex CJSC in Irkutsk:

— Our main purpose is promotion of pharmaceutical company, representatives of which we are, and our products which the company manufactures. It is important for us to inform consumers about us. The exhibition is perfect platform for such advertising. In addition, a trichologist conducted free assessment at our exhibition stand. About 230 people were examined and took opinions during four days. A great pleasure for us is to plunge into the world of beauty, that prevailed at the exhibition, get to know fashion trends in hairstyles, style and makeup

Olga Nevskikh, Manager of Avenue 11, brand Ollin Professional; Irina Fedotova, Manager of Avenue 11, brand Ollin Professional; Svetlana Shelofast, Technologist and Expert of Ollin Professional:

— Our company is a regular participant of Industry of Beauty Exhibition. We come here for promotional purposes, for new customers. Every day, 2—3 seminars which gather a lot of people are held at the stand. Our masters show new ways of haircuts, styling and coloring, we often noticed that many people not only take pictures of our master classes, but also shoot video. Perhaps, they are novice masters. Many viewers — professionals who ask clarifying questions, ask to show once again. For us, the employees of the company, it is interesting to participate in the exhibition, because, first of all, it is communication, exchange of experience with future potential clients, colleagues, and even competitors. You know, it is great when you start to discuss something, speak in professional jargon and understand each other.

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