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Industry of Beauty
March 19—22, 2014

Industry of Beauty Specialised Exhibition of goods and services for beauty and health will be held on March 19—22, 2014 in Sibexpocentre Irkutsk Exhibition Complex.

The exhibition is organised by Sibexpocentre JSC with the assistance of Irkutsk Region Government, Irkutsk Administration, East Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Main events of the exhibition will be Line of Beauty International Festival of beauty-industry and Siberian and Far Eastern Championship on hairdressing, visage, nails modeling and design, eyelash extension.

Baikal Open Championship (Russian semifinal) on hairdressing, decorative cosmetics and manicure will be held within the framework of Line of Beauty International Festival of beauty-industry. Participants will be delegations from Irkutsk twinned cities: from France, Poland, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia and other. Event Organiser is Art Studio Irkutsk centre of professional training for beauty saloons.

Siberian and Far Eastern Championship on hairdressing, visage, nails modeling and design, eyelash extension is a huge event that will give every master the opportunity to show themselves off, learn from colleagues, as well as take rightful place in the ranking of the best masters of Siberia. Organisers of the Championship are Avenue 11 Studio, Training Centre of OleHouse-Irkutsk Company — Irkutsk, "The Place under the Sun" Company with official assistance of Irkutsk Administration.

More than 50 companies, firms and enterprisers from Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region and other regions of Russia — Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk Region, Moscow and Moscow Region, Omsk, St. Petersburg will present their expositions at the area of 2500 sq.m. Exhibitors will demonstrate professional cosmetic lines, skin, hair and nails care products, beauty saloon equipment, tools and accessories, beauty saloons, cosmetological and recreation centres services and many other things at their stands.

A varied business programme is scheduled at Industry of Beauty Exhibition. Master classes on visage, SPA-Sugaring, SPA-paraffin, making certain hair and makeup images and styles, application of new techniques and technologies of hair coloring; presentations of innovative hair and nails care products of various firms; seminars on commercial opportunities of using cosmetic procedures. Famous top-stylists will carry out step-by-step demonstrations of haircuts, hair coloring technologies, hair styling.

The exhibition will end on March 22 with summing up the results of Best Exhibitor Competition.

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