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Knowledge. Profession. Career Specialised Exhibition ended in Sibexpocentre

Knowledge. Profession. Career Specialised Exhibition of educational technologies and services ended in Sibexpocentre. The event was held on February 13—16, 2014. High-school children were provided the opportunity to make the choice of future profession, take tests, find out the terms and conditions of entrance to higher or secondary educational institutions.

Exhibitors were higher and secondary educational institutions of Irkutsk Region, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Mongolia and China. Moreover, the programmes of occupational guidance and employment assistance for young people were presented here, as well as the opportunities for professional improvement and foreign education.

Representatives of Mongolian National University and Harbin University of Technology came to 

the Capital of Angara Region for the first time. The representative of Mongolian National University, Sarantuyaa Sharav, Head of Social Science Department is very glad to visit Irkutsk: exactly a quarter of a century ago, she graduated from Irkutsk Teaching Institute and since then, she has never been in the city. The lecturer of the Russian language and literature told that pupils showed interest in foreign education and they asked if it is hard to learn the Mongolian language and what job they can get after graduating from Mongolian National University.

The purpose of the exhibition is occupational guidance for young people. A special advisory platform where specialists of Youth Personnel Centre, Educational Development Institute and Employment Service carried out teenagers tastings, worked for those who have not yet make the choice of future profession.

Representatives of higher and secondary educational institutions held consultations for school-leavers and their parents, told about what kind of specialities, entrance conditions and learning environment are there. Key information in the form of leaflets and booklets, as a rule, enjoyed a great popularity among the visitors.

For 4 days, the exhibition was visited by 9,600 people — it is for 600 people more than last year. Pupils from Irkutsk usually came to Sibexpocentre by groups or with their parents, and from the surrounding areas came by whole classes.

The exhibition ended and now thousands of school leavers need to inform their teachers what kind of exams they take, and tell their parents about what future they chose for themselves. We hope that Knowledge. Profession. Career Exhibition helped yesterday's girls and boys to take this difficult decision.

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