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22 march
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Staff of Medresurs-M Company:

— Every year we participate in the Siberian Healthcare exhibition, which makes it possible to obtain new contacts, interesting prospects for cooperation with customers and partners. Many thanks to the manufacturer's representatives that they participate with us in the event, talk about new trends and demonstrate new products, share interesting ideas and innovative solutions. Also we would like to thank the organisers for warm welcome, excellent job and friendliness of the environment. We will definitely participate next year.

Aleksei Paramonov, Director of Biostep OJSC:

— Production which is represented by Biostep Company — devices for automatic putting on of shoe covers — has a narrow customer focus. Our partners are the main participants of the Siberian healthcare — 2014 and Dentistry exhibitions. For this reason participation in this exhibition is extremely important for our company. The fact is what managers of the company do for some months in usual life, at this exhibition we manage to do in 3 days. I mean searching for new customers.

It is almost impossible to distract the chief physician or head for equipment demonstration in working hours. But those who are in the mainstream of modern medicine will always have time to visit this exhibition. This is the place where it is possible to meet those who make the decision in the organisations and to make them our offers.

Our company will definitely participate in the next exhibition.

Svetlana Nalivaiko, Director of the regional representation of federal 4doctors store chain of medical wear, shoes and accessories:

— Participation in the Siberian Healthcare exhibition gives an impulse to further development of companies such as ours. Both visitors of the exhibition and its participants gave positive response to our offer of fashionable, comfortable, practical clothes, shoes and accessories for health care workers.
Thanks to this exhibition our company found new customers, we got great deals on cooperation. We are glad that our overalls for medical workers, especially new items are pleasant to people, and will make every effort to ensure that our doctors please with their appearance not only themselves, but also patients.

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