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"Siberian food products. Packing. Equipment" Exhibition ended in Sibexpocentre

An annual "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" Exhibition ended on the 18 April in Sibexpocentre. More than 60 companies participated in it. Generally they are local producers from Irkutsk Region, and also the companies from Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Tomsk, Buryatia, Moscow, Moscow Region and other regions of Russia.

Within four days, the participants of the exhibition demonstrated the best foodstuffs, the latest developments and technologies in food and processing industries, the modern equipment for packing, production of packing materials and labels, the retail equipment. A huge assortment of delicious and quality products was offered to the visitors and guests of the exhibition — meat and meat semi-finished products, sausage products, dairy products, vegetables, confectionery and bakery products, various drinks, honey, confiture and sweets. All of this was sold at factory prices, without extra charge of stores. Therefore, there were queues at many stands of local producers.

— I always visit "Siberian Food Products" Exhibition, — the customer Olga Danilova shared. — I asked for leave at work and came here from New Lenino, because everything is fresh here, cucumbers are only from the garden, meat is fresh, dairy products are today's, rolls are only from the furnace, still warm.

From the beginning the exhibition was visited by 13,5 thousand people. People not only bought all the freshest and the best here, but also directed negotiations, made arrangements for cooperation, exchanged contacts. For each producer it is profitable and prestigious to sell the goods in various chain store systems and supermarkets in the different cities. The more outlets in the enterprise, the more people buy the products, the popularity increases and the volume of output becomes bigger.

The exhibition included the "Bread Festival". His organiser Irkutsk Bakery CJSC held meetings, presentations, a round table and master classes. The aim of the festival was the popularization of healthy food, saturation of the regional market by competitive regional production, exchange of experience between industry experts and improvement of the quality and the assortment of let-out bakery and confectionery production.

A dramatic event was "The Battle of restaurateurs", the second part of the First East Siberian Culinary festival passed within the exhibition. The chefs of restaurants of the city of Irkutsk: "Burduguz", "Irkutsk", "At the Source", "Delta", "Avantazh", "Amstel" and "Bonzhur" demonstrated their art to the audience and jury.

The exhibition came to the end with summing up. On a scene of the exhibition hall honored winners of the competitions "Irkutsk Novelty", "The Battle of restaurateurs" and competition for the best exhibitor. The awardees received diplomas, gold and silver stars of the exhibition and incentive prizes.

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