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"Siberian food products. Packing. Equipment" Exhibition
April 15 —  18, 2014

The XX "Siberian food products. Packing. Equipment" Specialised Exhibition will be held on April 15 —  18, 2014 in Sibexpocentre Irkutsk Exhibition Complex.

The exhibition is organised by Sibexpocentre OJSC with official assistance of the Government of Irkutsk Region, Administration of Irkutsk, East Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, "Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs" Irkutsk Regional Association of Employers, Non-Profit Enterprises Partnership of Food and Processing Industries.

More than 60 companies from Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Tomsk, Buryatia, Moscow and Moscow Region and other regions of Russia, as well as from Bulgaria will be presented at the exhibition area of 2000 sq.m.

Russian and regional food producers will present meat and sausage products, meat pack, dairy products, cheese, oil products, fish, fish pack, vegetable products, baked goods and beekeeping products. People will be able to see modern equipment for enterprisers of food services, retail equipment and techniques for automation of trade, bakers' machinery, as well as package and label.

A special project of "Siberian food products. Packing. Equipment" Exhibition will be 

Bread Festival. Its organiser is Irkutsk Bread Factory CJSC is also a general partner of the exhibition. The festival will be opened by a performance of "Harmony of taste" dance ensemble of Irkutsk Bread Factory. A presentation of Irkutsk Bread Factory's production, "Irkutsk bread: quality, price, social significance" Round Table, as well as a presentation of "Bread and children" Booklet will be held on April 15—16. Bread Festival is designed to promotion of healthy nutrition of the population, formation of careful attitude to a product, as well as saturation of the regional market with competitive regional products, sharing of experience of industry experts and improvement of baked and confectionery output products' quality and range.

Irkutsk Bread Factory jointly with "SM Number one" newspaper will carry out "The Best Easter Cake" People Opinion. Experts of Irkutsk Region Consumer Market Service will hold "Topical Issues of Consumer Rights Protection" Round Table.

Irkutsk Novelty Food Tasting Professional Competition also will be held at the exhibition. Experts will choose the highest quality products and beverages from food and processing companies of Angara Region and other regions of Russia. Presentations of food products and manufacturing companies, equipment and package, meetings and negotiations, exchange of experience at business meetings will be held during the exhibition.

The exhibition will end with summing up the results of the best exhibitor competition and Irkutsk Novelty Food Tasting Competition.

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