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April 15—18, 2014 the specialised "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition was held in the Sibexpocentre OJSC Exhibition Complex.

Within four days, participants of the exhibition demonstrated the best foodstuffs, latest developments and technologies in food and processing industries, modern equipment for packing, production of packing materials and labels, retail equipment. A huge assortment of delicious and quality products was offered to the visitors and guests of the exhibition — meat and meat semi-finished products, sausage products, dairy products, vegetables, confectionery and bakery products, various drinks, honey, confiture and sweets.

The "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition has been held since 1995.

Exhibition organiser: Sibexpocentre OJSC — a member of the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs, the leading exhibition organisation of Eastern Siberia.

Official assistance:
Government of Irkutsk Region, Administration of Irkutsk city, East Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs Irkutsk regional association of employers, Non-profit Enterprises Partnership of Food and Processing Industries.

BREAD FESTIVAL Exhibition Special Project
General partner of the exhibition and Special Project Organiser is Irkutsk Bread Factory CJSC

4 days
Total area: 2,500 sq.m.
Number of exhibitors: 69 companies
Number of visitors: 13,500 people

The opening ceremony was attended by:
Natalya Zakharova, Acting Head of Consumer Market and Licensing Service of Irkutsk Region
Gennady Gladyshev,
Executive Director of the Union of Enterprises of Food and Pharmaceutical Processing Industries non-profit organisation
Ivan Bykov, Director General of Irkutsk Bread-baking Plant CJSC
Vladislav Bukhanov, Chairman of board of directors of Sayansky Broiler poultry factory
Andrei Shapovalov, Director General of Sibexpocentre OJSC

'This year, the "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition is remarkable for its special saturation', Natalya Zakharova said, "it presents the best achievements of Irkutsk Region manufacturers and other regions of the country.

Gennady Gladyshev remembered the first Siberian Food Products exhibition opened 20 years ago:
 — Then, everything was different. It is gratifying that the exhibition has been living for two decades, and is not just living but growing and evolving in times, the number of participants is increasing and subjects are expanding.

Business negotiations of companies offering packaging equipment and materials were held at the stands of companies; there were already queues near the food stands.
Meat products and beef, mince and meat dumplings; salted, smoked and dried fish; sausages; milk and sour cream, yogurt and butter — people can easily get lost among this abundance. It is recommended that people should come to the exhibition after meat, because the smells of smoked delicacies and fresh bread tease even a full stomach, can cause dizziness in a hungry. And then, salvation will be numerous tastings that many companies hold at their stands, they boil dumplings, cut sausages and pour coffee.


Geography of participants: Russia, Bulgaria, Mongolia
Irkutsk Region — 90%
Other regions of Russia — 7%
Foreign participants — 3%

Distribution of participants among Russian regions:
Irkutsk Region, Altai Territory, the Republic of Buryatia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Trans-Baikal Territory, Moscow and Moscow Region

Spheres of exhibitors" activities:
Manufactures of foodstuffs — 49%
Suppliers of foodstuffs — 21%
Packing — 17%
Equipment — 4%
Related services — 9%

Advertising Campaign:
To make the "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition more successful an extensive advertising campaign was held, it included:
E-mail invitations;
Placement of advertising banners and information on the exhibitional, specialised and informative portals — more than 25 resources;
Placement of advertising inserts and information in specialised, informational and infotainment print media — about 20 editions;
Advertising in social networks Facebook, Vkontakte;
Outdoor Advertising (Billboard) — 194 billboards;
Placement of the exhibition banner on LeninGorky St. screen;
Broadcast of advertising clips in local and regional television channels — First, Russia, STS, Home, Fifth, NTV, AIST;
Broadcast of audio clips on the radio — Retro FM, Radio 7;
Broadcast of audio clips in supermarkets and shopping centres in Irkutsk — Orange Shopping Centre, OK (Jem Moll, Unirsiti, Avalon), SPAR (Arena City Shopping Centre, Sovetskaya, Starik Khottabych).

The distribution of media recourses among regions of Russia:
Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region, the Republic of Buryatia, Primorsk Territory, Altai Territory, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Omsk Region, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar Territory, Voronezh, Ulyanovsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg.

Types of Mass Media:
Information press — 22%
Specialised press — 8%
Television — 11%
Specialised portals — 12%
Information portals — 26%
Social networks — 3%
Outdoor advertising — 3%
Audio advertising — 15%


The "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition included the "Bread Festival". Its organiser Irkutsk Bread Factory CJSC is also a general partner of the exhibition. The festival was opened by a performance of the "Harmony of taste" dance ensemble.
Lovely girls and boy fervently executed the Russian national dance. As it turned out, these were not professional dancers but workers of Irkutsk Bread-baking Plant CJSC — it is their hands which bake bread and rolls that we buy every day in the shops of the city. After the dance, the girls treated freshly baked crisp loaf.
'SM-Number One' weekly newspaper and "Irkutsk Bread-baking Plant" CJSC held Best Cake international expertise. Visitors of the exhibition became experts. They categorically rejected cakes from abroad which are besides five times more expensive than home-produced and almost unanimously chose "KaSeS" products and noted that baking filled with preservatives loses Irkutsk baking in taste characteristics.
Irkutsk Bread-baking Plant CJSC organised a "Irkutsk Bread: Quality, Assortment, and Social Significance" round table for specialists, experts, representatives of the structures at the urban and regional level, as well as for all interested visitors of the exhibition. Presentations were made by Director General of Irkutsk Bread-baking Plant CJSC, representatives of company management, specialists and experts of Consumer Market Service, Ministries of Agriculture and Health in Irkutsk Region, dietitians etc. The result of the roundtable was the resolution of 7 paragraphs with recommendations, for example, manufactures of baking industry were recommended to continue the work on expanding the assortment and volume of production enriched with macro-and micronutrients and vitamins.
The presentation of the "Bread and Children" brochure was held. The book contains methodological recommendations and semi-popular articles written by Irkutsk nutritionists, physicians, Irkutsk Bread-baking Plant technologists. Materials contain the results of years-long researches on the impact of nutrients on child's organism and on proper nutrition and ration formulation for children and adults.
An interesting discovery for many mistresses was a "Cooking of Bakery Products from Puff Unfermented and Laminated Dough" master class given by technologists from Irkutsk Bread-baking Plant. As it turned out, though the dough is easy in use, but there are a few secrets to disclose all of its eating qualities, useful properties and visual appeal in baking.
The purpose of Bread Festival was the popularization of healthy nutrition of population, the formation of careful attitude to product, as well as regional market saturation with competitive regional production, the exchange of experiences of industry experts and improving quality
and range of bakery and confectionery products.

The chefs of Irkutsk restaurants such as "Burduguz", "Irkutsk", "U Istoka", "Delta", "Avantage", "Amstel", "Bonjour" demonstrated their skills to the audience and jury. The Irkutsk Battle of Restaurateurs feature was that all dishes were prepared only from local products. The jury was consist of: Gavriil Frantenko, Director General of Belorechenskoe agricultural OJSC, Elena Luchinina, Consultant of the consumer market service and licensing of Irkutsk Region development department, Aleksandr Popov, Head of Consumer Market Irkutsk administration. Sergey Gergesov was a Chief Referee of the Competitions, Member of national guildship of the chefs in Russia, Consultant of culinary projects of RTR TV channel, Director General of Appetit group of companies.

The exhibition completed with summarising of results. On the stage of the exhibition hall the winners of the "Irkutsk Novelty" tasting competition, the "Battle of Restaurateurs," and the "Best Exhibitor" competition were honored. The prise-winners received diplomas, gold and silver stars, runner-up prises.

Gold stars were awarded to:


Anton Ivanov, Head of Eco -Milk LLC regional sales department in Moscow:
 — Eco-Milk products are widely known in Russia but Irkutsk Region is probably the only region where they are represented very slightly. Therefore, we participated in the Siberian food products exhibition to find partners here, in Siberia. We received very good comments about Eco- Milk products there are a lot of verbal arrangements on cooperation, currently negotiations are under way and I think that our products will appear soon in many outlets of Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region.

Elena Kudyumova, Shop-assistant of Homutovsky Meat-processing Plant, Siberian Agro-industrial Company CJSC:
 — The exhibition permits all food companies to advertise themselves and their products on the market therefore the Homutovsky Meat-processing Plant took this opportunity with pleasure. Besides, at exhibitions we always conclude cooperation contracts with other companies as well as contracts for delivery of our products to new shops. And during the exhibition people lined up at our stands — it was pleasant. We gave out tastings of sausages to let people learn more about our products. Thank Sibexpocentre for the exhibition organisation.

Tatyana Brovchenko, Shop-assistant of Angara-2 Company:
 — We always visit the Siberian food products exhibition with pleasure because Irkutsk people love our products, wait for it and know that we raise organic vegetables and our dairy products are perfect. There was a very long line of customers for our delicacy cucumber and eggplants! And it is pleasantly to work at the exhibition, you can hear gratitude from people, and everything around is pure and tidy. We will surely participate in the next exhibition.

Elena Yakovenko, Technologist of Irkutsk Maslosyrbaza Production Company:
 — Irkutsk Maslosyrbaza is a constant participant of the Sibexpocentre exhibitions for many years, and, certainly, we always participate in our profile exhibition — the Siberian food products exhibition. It gives us an opportunity to communicate with customers, listen to their wishes, for example, in what district of the city and where it is necessary to open a shop or to arrange the products' market. Real—life face-to-face communication with people is very useful, because we work primarily for customers and we are interested in making qualitative and useful production. Surely at the exhibition we give out tastings of new production, people taste it and tell us their opinion. Four days passed quickly, now we wait for the next exhibition.

Tatiana Chuhnova, Head of Irkutsk Bakery CJSC public relations' department:
 — Irkutsk bakery CJSC became the general partner of the Siberian food products exhibition in 2014 and prepared a Bread Festival and the extensive business programme. We held an Irkutsk Bread: Quality, Assortment, Social Importance round table which resulted in the resolution of seven paragraphs with recommendations, presented the Bread and Children brochure containing useful information for a general public, gave various master classes. Our Harmony of Taste dance ensemble performed at the opening of the exhibition, guests were welcomed with a fresh loaf. Thank Sibexpocentre and the Siberian food products exhibition for the opportunity to organise the event!

It is to be recalled that the XXI specialised "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition will be held on April 7—10, 2015!

We will be glad to see you among participants and visitors of the exhibition!

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