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Sergei Ten, Deputy Chairman of the Transport Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation:

— The Modernisation and Complex Development of Siberian Transport Infrastructure research-to-practice conference was held in Irkutsk within the Transport and Roads of Siberia traditional forum. The event was initiated by the Transport Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Transport Ministry of Irkutsk Region and Ministry of Road Builders' Union of Irkutsk Region. Conference is a platform where representatives of different departments of the road industry together find the answers to many problems, plan the interactive programme. Today there are representatives of Rosavtodor, MADI, Rador, Rosavtodor Road Authority of the Buryat Republic, Krasnoyarsk, Zabaykalsky Krai, Yakutia, Irkutsk Region, design and technical institutes and also Russian Railway OJSC and Upper-Lensky Inland Navigation Company and Local Air Line Company. All participants agree that implementation of infrastructure projects in Siberia will give multiplicative effect for development of all branches of economy.

Denis Parsov, Director General of Siberian Supply Company, Irkutsk:

— It was our first experience of participation in the "Transport and Roads of Siberia" and "Special equipment. Siberian auto service" exhibitions, earlier we were simply visitors of many exhibitions, among them were exhibitions in other cities. Our main goal was to assert ourselves, to present the whole assortment of production and services: special equipment and automotive equipment deliveries for professional road workers and builders, materials for road construction, realisation of road-building works and ornamental design of asphalt. Also, our company presented to visitors the ViaMix innovative repairing mixes for pothole filling, and thanks to the exhibition we have already concluded a tentative agreement on use of these mixes pothole filling in Ust-Ilimsk. Besides, we arranged with new clients about construction of two car parkings. Especially before the exhibition we organised an action — who will buy our equipment, as a gift will become Apple iPhone 5 S. Thanks to the exhibition, we leave Sibexpocentre with new clients, great expectations and experience. Thank organisers, wait for us again.

Alexander Blinov, Advertising Manager of Professional LLC, Sergey Malofeev, Senior Sales Manager of Professional LLC, Ivanovo:

— For 3 straight years we have been coming from Ivanovo to Irkutsk to the Transport and Roads of Siberia exhibition, the goal is always the same — to find new customers. This year we brought absolutely new equipment — Daedong vibrating ripper, which is applied not only for the destruction of the foundations and buildings, but also for the disclosure of roadbad and congelation. It is excellent equipment for the harsh Siberian conditions. We met old clients at the exhibition, communicated with colleagues and discussed professional issues. We want to thank Sibexpocentre for the organisation of the specialised exhibition.

Stanislav Pastuhov, Sales Manager of Goodwin Group LLC, St. Petersburg, Maxim Rakitin, Specialist of Goodwin Baikal LLC, Irkutsk:

— Having an extensive experience of participation in exhibitions in the central regions of Russia and in Moscow, I would like to mention the practicability of participation in the regional exhibition in Irkutsk. Here, visitors learned about our company, we told about the products which we offer. We are dealers of Uniflex Company and we are engaged in supplying of equipment and spare parts for special equipment and equipment for the production of high-pressure hoses, and that is especially important — a Uniflex trademark is characterised by high quality, reliability and operational characteristics. At the exhibition we communicated actively with visitors and as a result we reached agreements with new customers.

Dmitry Safonov, Lead Manager of Azimuth LLC, Irkutsk:

— Our company participated in an exhibition for the first time, and at once in such a large one, theretofore we visited exhibitions only as spectators. We prepared for the participation for a long time, made a special stand design, two patrol filling stations, presentation materials such as brochures, CDs, etc. Our firm represents a production that permits to save any kind of fuel and protects the engine from low-quality fuel. We call this product "vitamin" for your car. After all, people buy quality products for themselves in shops so a car also needs good gasoline. We managed to attract a lot of customers to our stand, we also got acquainted with the large companies — exhibitors and have already preliminary agreed on further cooperation. We have also received several offers from Irkutsk petrol stations. So we are satisfied with our first participation and soon we will start preparing for the next exhibition in Sibexpocentre.

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