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23 january
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Aleksandr Filippovich, Chief Technologist of Zima particleboard plant. Zima city:

— Thanks to the "Wood processing industry of Siberia. Wooden house construction industry" and "Furniture" exhibitions our plant found large consumers of the production. The fact is that Zima particleboard plant started its work only 3 months ago and it reached design capacity very quickly. We brought samples of the particleboard to the exhibition and many visitors of the exhibition — our potential customers — duly appreciated its quality. After exhibition completion we will sign contracts and ship production. Thanks to the exhibitions many firms and enterprises get to hear that there is such a plant in Irkutsk Region. Thanks a lot to Sibexpocentre for event organisation.

Aleksei Zaitsev, Sergey Gruzintsev, official representatives of Nesting Company, Kaliningrad:

— We are from Kaliningrad, there is a head office of the company — the representative of German LEUCO Company. The company offers sale and service of woodcutting tools, the equipment for woodworking and tools for abrasive processing. In Kaliningrad there are a lot of cabinet making companies which use our company's production therefore we came to the exhibition to Irkutsk, the capital of forest region to offer excellent equipment for furniture makers and those who are engaged in wood processing. Also we will share experience of its use with pleasure. Besides, at the exhibition we got acquainted both with colleagues and with competitors, communicated, we had something to discuss. And, of course, the most important thing is that we found some new clients. It is great that there is such exhibition in Irkutsk and thank you that you invited our company.

Aleksandr Khalyavin, Director of Edis-Group LLC Irkutsk filial agency:

— Our company participates at the "Wood processing industry of Siberia. Wooden house construction industry" and "Furniture" exhibitions not for the first time and sees its high potential. We always hold an exhibition efficiently, we will surely organise meetings with key customers. I am sure that Edis-Group LLC will continue to participate further in the profile exhibition of Sibexpocentre — there is already such a tradition, we have been representing the production in Sibexpocentre for many years and were one of the first exhibitors many years ago.

Ekaterina Levitskaya, Customer Manager of Stroikomponent Company, Irkutsk:

— Stroikomponent Company participated in the "Wood processing industry of Siberia. Wooden house construction industry" exhibition for the first time. Here, the company introduced pasted block of the 1st grade at a low price to consumers, and also at the stand we told about our services to a wide range of potential customers. Our understanding is that the first exhibition was held efficiently for us, during all four days in Sibexpocentre visitors showed great interest to our stand and website traffic of the company increased this time. At the exhibition, we got some agreements for performing calculations from both retail and wholesale clients. Thanks Sibexpocentre for the excellent organisation of the exhibition.

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