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The results of the "Wood processing industry of Siberia. Wooden house construction industry" and "Furniture" exhibitions were summed up in Sibexpocentre

The "Wood processing industry of Siberia. Wooden house construction industry" and "Furniture" exhibitions completed its work. September 19, at the closing ceremony of the exhibitions the results were summed up and the best exhibitors were awarded.

Seminars, meetings and round tables were held within the exhibition, the questions connected with a situation in forest industry in Baikal Region and in Russia as a whole were discussed there. The first results of timber yard work in Irkutsk Region were summed up at the "Exchange auction of forest products" round table. For two months within five auctions only 35 500 cubic metres of the round timber were sold. Experts hope that volumes of sales will significantly increase in the future, and it will give the chance to the region to make only legal transactions and to minimise illegal deforestation. Vsevolod Sokolov, Director of regional development of St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange CJSC, on the basis of which the auction is held, told the audience about the experience of Belarus which government included the timber to the list of goods that can be sold only at the stock exchange. Thereafter, the cost of timber cubic metre grew three times at the auction. Yuri Logachev, President of the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Irkutsk Region noted that our region loses 3.5—4 millions of timber cubic metres on illegal deforestation, and agreed that exactly the auction could solve this problem. However, the tenants and woodlot owners don't hurry to sell the forest through the stock exchange. Some argue that it is more profitable to sell timber directly, while others simply are with an eye for the novelty, although the first auction showed that the price per cubic metre of round timber sold at the stock exchange is 5% higher than the realisation by other ways and contracts.

Before completion of the "Wood processing industry of Siberia. Wooden house construction industry" and "Furniture" exhibitions where within four days people spoke only about the timber and everything connected with it, Sergey Eroshchenko, Governor of Irkutsk Region commented on the results of a meeting of the State Council of the Russian Federation. There was talk of long-standing issues: accession to WTO defines the necessity of development of our own advanced processing production in the region. The timber is one of the main raw materials in Irkutsk Region, and on the condition of creation of advanced processing enterprises in the region, the economic effect will be achieved by production and realisation of finished products in the domestic market due to economy on payment of duties. According to Sergey Eroshchenko, one of the tasks of the regional Government is to stimulate the increase of such enterprises number in the region.

At the exhibitions in Sibexpocentre such an enterprise was presented. A year and a half Zima particleboard plant was under construction and opened just 3 months ago. The plant produces MDF and chipboards and there is no shortage of raw materials. According to Aleksandr Filippovich, Chief Technologist of the plant, no one expected that the company so quickly reaches full capacity, and now there are even stocks of products. Participation in the specialised exhibition of Sibexpocentre helped the company to find several major partners, contract signing will be in the near future.

At the closing ceremony of the exhibition the most active participants were awarded with diplomas, as well as gold and silver stars of Sibexpocentre.

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