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Team of Usolye Pig Farm agricultural production cooperative:

- Agricultural Week is one of significant events of Irkutsk Region which brings together a large number of participants working in this industry. Agricultural enterprises, farms, companies and individual farms are presented here. And our company which is 37 years old constantly participates at the exhibition. About one thousand people work at Usolye Pig Farm. We work with our own raw materials: we breed, slaughter and sell the production in our own distribution network. All our production is presented at the exhibition: 120 types of sausage products and 12 types of semi-finished products. In pavilion there is only demonstration of a line of products, but at the open area it is possible to acquire the pleasant goods. For us the exhibition is promotion of a brand, advertising and opportunity to attract the companies to cooperation. Also here we can communicate to clients, receive positive and sometimes negative responses which means that there are new challenges ahead. We always do our best for our buyers and we will work further for them!

Lyubov Dyakova, Deputy Head of Marketing Department of Irkutsk Maslozhirkombinat:

- Yanta Group of Companies is the constant participant of the exhibition, we are known in Irkutsk and outside its territory. Group of companies includes Irkutsk Dairy Plant, parent enterprise is Irkutsk Maslozhirkombinat, Angarsk poultry farm, fish and greenhouse facility. Our company is very big and its representations are not only in different cities, but also in different countries – from Belarus to Sakhalin. Besides, this year we opened representation office in Thailand resort town – Pattaya. The first cargo of fat-and-oil products was delivered there a week ago by plane. There is an arrangement on dairy products delivery there therefore we are not complacent. A lot of Russian tourists have a rest there therefore are sure that our goods will be in demand.

Certainly, the exhibition brings us great benefit. Here our clients can ask us interesting questions and taste our production. For example, today it is possible to taste fowl cutlets - pure mince with eggs with special topping. Thanks to advertising campaign which we carry out within the event sales of goods increase in our shops.

Tatyana Chukhnova, Head of public relations department of Irkutsk Bread-baking Plant CJSC:

- The exhibition is interesting and diversified, it is clear that there was very good advertising campaign. Number of participants pleased very much – there were much more participants in comparison with the last year and year before last, probably, glory days of the industry are coming. Perhaps, it is connected with import substitution: production of local manufacturers became more demanded, which makes quite good competitive ability to foreign suppliers. Good work was carried out by Sibexpocentre and the Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region - organisers of the exhibition. We also made efforts to it inviting clients and partners to visit the Agricultural Week exhibition. The exhibition for us is not only a demonstration and sale of our products to consumers, but also the organisation of events such as research-to-practice conference which we held annually within the exhibition. This time we held the fifth such event called ‘Bread - yesterday, today and tomorrow’, where had the talk on products of functional use. We invited famous doctors, candidates and doctors of medical sciences to the conference where they talked about the need to diversify the ration with bread and dairy products with useful additives, as Irkutsk Region is the province of iodine deficiency. We are grateful to the organisers that at the exhibition we can just present ourselves and to contact wide range of customers by means of mass media within our scientific and practical conferences.

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