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Anton Ramensky, Director General of Heyday Tour travel agency:

- Our agency provides a wide range of educational services. At the exhibition we suggest Irkutsk students, applicants and pupils to study abroad – in the Universities of New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the USA and Great Britain. Today such training is in demand and every year a few people from our agency are sent to study in these countries. Visitors can also get information about training opportunities, pricing, relevance of future profession and employment opportunities upon graduation. It is worth noting that our partners also came from New Zealand to this exhibition and can reply all the questions more detailed. Regarding age threshold there are no limits. For example, currently two students are studying in the foreign university: one of them is 52 years old another one is 56 years old. But generally applicants travel to other countries for higher education, junior school pupils - for English courses and graduates - to continue their career.

Undoubtedly, the Choose Your Profession exhibition brings a great benefit to educational institutions. Presently there is a lot of various information and it is very difficult especially for young people to choose something important and necessary, and the exhibition helps applicants to decide on a profession and higher education institution.

Mikhail Matvienko, second-year student of Medical College of Railway Transport of Irkutsk State Transport University:

- The Choose Your Profession exhibition is a peculiar Doors Open Day of the leading higher education institutions and colleges. If in Irkutsk there is no problem to get information on college entrance, for educational institutions from other cities it is excellent and one can say it is almost the only opportunity to tell about themselves. Therefore such events have to be held at least two times a year in order those entrants who did not manage to learn something at one exhibition could receive information at the second one.

I represent the Medical College of Railway Transport which is structural division of Irkutsk State Transport University. We make it possible to get education on such specialties, as: ‘Medical care’, ‘Nursing care’, ‘Prosthetic dentistry’ and ‘Preventive dentistry’. It is possible to be enrolled in the ‘Medical care’ specialty only after termination of the 11th class, and in all other directions – after the 9th class. After college graduates get secondary vocational education. The exhibition gives an opportunity to future entrants to meet people who study and work in educational institution and ask them interesting questions. Perhaps, such informal communication will encourage pupils to come to our college.

Li Chunying, Vice-director of Heilongjiang Education Center for International Exchange, China:

- I came to Irkutsk exhibition as the representative of Chinese Education Center to get acquainted with educational institutions of your city. I can tell that the exhibition is interesting and covers all levels of the educational sphere and for us there are a lot of opportunities for establishment of cooperation here. I will give all the gathered here information to our Center and perhaps we will start considering possibilities of participation at the exhibition next year.

We already have an experience in exchange of students in other cities therefore we want to expand this list and begin cooperation with educational institutions of Irkutsk. In China the technical specialties and professions connected with environment are demanded. After receiving such education by us it is possible to find good and well-paid job at once. I think that in your city there will be many experts in these branches and it means that we already have scope of work for the future.

Irina Meshkova, Head of the subdepartment of Law and Social Security Organisation of College of Management and Entrepreneurship:

- Our college together with the holding of Siberian Academy of Law, Economics and Management are permanent participants of the ‘Choose Your Profession’ and the ‘Knowledge. Profession. Career’ exhibitions. Our participation is based on the fact that after the exhibition we get positive result in the form of a large flow of students. By the way, 7 specialties are implemented in the college, education is based on the federal state educational standards. We have such specialties as: tourism, hotel service, law and the social welfare organisation, software design, advertising, stylistics and make-up, photographic art. Our acceptance for studies is carried on a contract basis, we are non-governmental educational institution, so education we provide is to be paid for. College accreditation is valid till 2020 for all specialties, license is perpetual.

College accepts students both after the 9th grade and 11th grade, after graduation they get a vocational secondary education. Then they can enroll in a higher education establishment in the 2nd year Bachelor in particular in our Siberian Academy of Law, Economics and Management. Especially for the exhibition, we have developed a test that defines an intellectual orientation of entrants: either humanities or sciences. With help of it a student can understand whether our specialties suit him and choose the appropriate one.

Andrei Vishnevsky, Student of the Irkutsk branch of Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation:

- Our educational institution - Irkutsk branch of Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation - provides higher education. We have the following specialties: technical operation of radio equipment transport, technical maintenance of aircraft and engines, technical maintenance of aircraft electrical systems and pilotage and navigation systems, as well as management. We have a lot of budget places in technical professions - on average, 25 places on specialty. Our graduates are employed in airlines, various enterprises and aircraft factories. Since these specialists produced very little they are always in demand.

One might as well say that the exhibition is held very productively, children are interested in aviation and we like it. We would like to thank the organisers for the fact that we were able to present ourselves and look at competitors as well as assess the situation which takes place now among students: what directions they prefer most of all and what interests them. Such exhibitions are certainly needful and not two times a year but more often. They allow students to learn about the universities and colleges, evaluate them, choose what is the most pleasant.

Maria Lukina, Administrator of OleHause-Irkutsk training centre:

- For five years of the Choose Your Profession exhibition it has become one of the most important and necessary events for Irkutsk. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the future of new and interesting ways of training ‘at first hand’ and educational institutions - to interest students in enrollment to them. Our company is interested in potential students as well as all other participants. OleHouse provides vocational training of manicure, pedicure and nail extension masters – there are 12 basic programmes. Upon termination we employ our graduates in beauty salons. In addition, we have prepared professional development programmes and competitive trainings. Every month we hold Doors Open Day for persons interested to get acquainted with life of training centre as well as topical seminars and training workshops for artists interested in current trends and the latest technologies of nail industry.

At the moment, we are preparing for the VI In the World of Style and Beauty International Championship on nail services, eyelash extension, hairdressing and make-up which organisers we are. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the event which will take place at the World of Style and Beauty exhibition in Sibexpocentre on November 12-15.

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