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The ‘Choose Your Profession’ specialised exhibition of vocational guidance of youth completed its work on October 30 in Sibexpocentre. The event is urged to help future applicants to decide on choice of profession and educational institution.

Within four days visitors of the exhibition got acquainted with the higher and secondary specialised educational establishments of Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Mongolia. Participants told about new specialties, conditions of entrance and education, programmes of career guidance and employment of youth. Also school students were able to communicate to specialists of the agencies specialising in foreign educational programmes.

The exhibition was attended by more than 10 thousand pupils and applicants from across Irkutsk Region, each of which could obtain the necessary information, take booklets, decide on future profession and learn the conditions of getting into an education establishment. Besides, the exposition provided an excellent opportunity to communicate to teachers and students, ask on study and disciplines to be convinced of correctness of the choice.

The ‘Choose Your Profession’ exhibition became a useful event and for the visitors who were looking for job. For them ‘Fair of Vacancies’ was organised – it is uniform platform where young specialists were able to communicate to experts of human resources departments personally. Within the Fair there were presentations of the employing companies where it was possible to receive information on personnel policy, open vacancies, requirements for potential applicants, and also ask exercising questions.

One of the most significant events was the presentation of the ‘Smart School’ project, the idea of which was initiated by Tina Kandelaki in 2011. Within the presentation there were a series of training sessions and discussions on various topics, which were held by Moscow psychologists, authors of numerous books and teaching aids for teachers and parents.

Also within the exposition there was the All-Russia festival ‘NAUKA 0+’ - an interactive exhibition with the participation of educational institutions and high-tech enterprises of the city, and also areas of robotics, 3D-printing, and demonstrations of the latest technical achievements. Special guest of the event was Sergey Ryazansky, Hero of Russia, cosmonaut-test engineer. He held an autograph signing session, told about the work at the space station, and also awarded the winners of the ‘World of science through the eyes of children’ competition the main prize of which was allowance to low earth orbit during the flight of Sergey Ryazansky.

At the exhibition there were various events of business and entertaining programmes. Higher Education Institutions demonstrated the creative potential, presented the specialties and held games. An important event of the exhibition became the organisation of a two-day online ‘Professions of Future’ seminar which was held by Alyona Vladimirskaya, Headhunter and Career Consultant, creator of the project ‘Antirabstvo’ (the city of Moscow). Also visitors were told about employment, 25 demanded professions in Irkutsk Region, effective preparation for examinations and many others.

Besides, everyone could daily pass professional express testing, get advice on demand of professions, assistance to employment, professional training and getting of additional education at the stand of the Ministry of Labour and Employment of Irkutsk Region.

To assure of the correctness of the chosen profession and decide on the examinations the applicants will be able at the ‘Knowledge. Profession. Career’ winter exhibition which will take place in Sibexpocentre in March, 2017.


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