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21 february
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Staff of Irkutsk regional department of Social Insurance Fund:

- The happiest time for any woman – expectation of the kid. At this time life of future mother is filled with the most different emotions, but, at the same time, connected with a set of efforts and financial expenses. It is very important to approach rationally expense allocation, not forgetting about the help provided by the state. To help to deal with these issues, specialists of Irkutsk regional department of Social Insurance Fund participate in the ‘Family World. Land of Childhood’ exhibition. Also especially for the exhibition we prepared the information booklet with up-to-date information on benefits for future mothers.

Work at the exhibition is very important for us because it is an opportunity to leave walls of financial credit institute, communicate with young parents, pregnant women and mummies. We tell them how it is correct to build the financial and vital strategy and achieve a full-fledged insurance coverage. During the exhibition we concluded that our mummies know a little about their rights and opportunities. While we advise visitors, children can play in small kindergarten at our stand and make a face painting.

We would like to thank Sibexpocentre for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful exhibition. Now we are waiting for the ‘Impossible is Possible’ exhibition to which we already began active preparation.

Lidiya Zaitseva, Leading Expert of the Management of Social Protection of the Population of Irkutsk district:

- We participate in the ‘Family World. Land of Childhood’ exhibition every year because this event is one of the most important for our society. Usually we represent works of children and kids from foster families from around the Irkutsk district. This year did not become an exception – at the stand it is possible to find the beautiful hand-made crafts from paper made by children.

Also at the exhibition we demonstrate results on the placement of children from the rehabilitation centre in families and their education. We answer also such questions as how to receive a maternity capital for the third child and benefits for parents at the birth of children. These are, in our opinion, the most concerning and claiming attention issues.

In general, the exhibition will be useful to everyone. Here it is possible not only to get advice of specialists, but also to learn about various services. For example, here it is possible to get acquainted with children's camps and health retreats, find out the cost of stay and specify the details. Many public organisations which are engaged in work with families are also represented. I think that guests of the exhibition could find something interesting for themselves and obtained necessary information.

Oksana Fait, Deputy Head of the complex centre of social public service of Lubinsky District of Omsk Region:

- We came to Irkutsk for the first time and did not have regrets about it. The exhibition is really grandiose. We have in our region such events, but not of such magnitude. We learned a lot of interesting things, shared experiences, saw the results of work of other agencies and represented Omsk Region. To draw attention to our stand, we prepared master classes on twisting with elements of orthopedics for the guest. Twisting is a simulation of different figures from balloons. I would like to note that this new direction is interesting to both adults and children. We brought all the materials with ourselves, hoping that they will last for three days, but they ended in the second day of the exhibition. This is due to the great interest of visitors, all eager to get to our stand and make something special out of balls.

Of course, this exhibition is intended for broad audience: here both children and their parents, and even grandmothers and grandfathers can find work to liking. Thanks to organisers for the invitation to such significant event and warm welcome, we will be glad to return here next year!

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