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RESULTS OF THE VIIITH "FAMILY WORLD. COUNTRY OF CHILDHOOD" EXHIBITION A specialised "Family World. Country of Childhood" exhibition confined to the International Family Day was held on May 13—15, 2015 in Sibexpocentre.

The purpose of the exhibition is to hold out family values, traditions, standards, as the basis of moral principles of the person and society, raising awareness about the issues of family and childhood, strengthening of the institution of the family, maintenance of prestige of motherhood and fatherhood.

This year the exhibition was held under the slogan 'Families of Angara Region: All the best — to children.'

The Family World exhibition has been held since 2007.

Exhibition organisers: Ministry of social development, guardianship and custody of Irkutsk Region, Sibexpocentre OJSC — member of the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs, the leading exhibition organisation of Eastern Siberia;

Official supporters: the Government of Irkutsk Region, the Administration of the city of Irkutsk.

Duration: 3 days
Total area: 2500 sq.m.
Number of participants: 74 companies
Number of visitors: 9400 people

The opening ceremony was attended by:
Pletan T.I.
 — Deputy Minister of Social Development, Custody and Guardianship of Irkutsk Region,
Sobol Y.V. — Executive Manager of the regional branch of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation,
Galaeva L.A.  — Head of Exhibitions Organisation Department of Sibexpocentre.

Tatyana Pletan, Deputy Minister of Social Development, Guardianship and Custody of Irkutsk Region made a welcome speech at the opening ceremony, having reminded attendees about social problems of society:

 — It is not a secret that one of the family problems is orphans. To draw attention to this issue, we presented a database of children without parental care. So I want all of those who care not to pass by. It is also worth noting that in recent years the city administration and the regional government have done a lot to maintain the institution of the family. This year the decision on development of the concept of family policy within the territory of Angara Region was made. The project is ready and is actively discussed among representatives of government and civil society organisations. We hope that this document will permit to perceive attention and feel that family is not just the object, on which care is directed, but family is an equal participant in the political and economic processes in the region. In turn, I want to congratulate you on the upcoming holiday and wish you fruitful work, interesting discoveries, showing achievements and new friends.

Yana Sobol, Executive Manager of the regional division of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation also greeted guests and participants of the exhibition:

 — May is the most wonderful month, the month of love and warmth. It is May when we celebrate the two biggest and most important events for everyone — Victory Day and Family Day. There is talk that nature has created man as he is and endowed him with the most important — family and homeland. Happiness and future success of the nation are not the number of cars on the roads but the number of baby carriages that we see. Therefore, there is a wish to more children being born. And for this purpose the state makes big efforts today. For example, we see the changes that happen in the health system and education. I would like to wish all attendees family well-being, health, joy and love.

Within three days there was the atmosphere of holiday and children's joy in Sibexpocentre. Among visitors there were Irkutsk people of all ages: young couples, mothers and fathers with children, expectant mothers, senior citizens. The exposition became for them a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of good family traditions, atmosphere of love, care and creativity.

The exhibition was attended by more than 50 social institutions of the region, namely the institutions of education, culture, health, youth policy, social welfare, public organisations of the region, operating in the field of family support and child welfare. Also at the exhibition products and services of Irkutsk companies were presented for families.

Within the exposition there was the "Strong family — strong Russia" regional festival of clubs of young families which was held by the Ministry of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy of Irkutsk Region. Also the "World without borders" round table was held, organisers of which were the Department of Development of Forms of Social Service of Minor Families and the Ministry of Social Development, Guardianship and Custody, and the Territorial Centre of Social Assistance to Families and Children held the "Family album" competition of large families.

The "Import substitution in action" presentation of the farms, which was held by the Russian Union of Rural Women became significant and relevant activity of the exhibition. They also acted as organisers of the "News from the front" presentation of Evteev family from Mishelevka village dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Geography of participants:
Irkutsk Region — 95%
Other regions of Russia — 5%

Geographical distribution among regions of Russia:
Irkutsk Region, Leningrad Region, Moscow Region, Novosibirsk Region.

Spheres of exhibitors' activities:
Social and public organisations — 41%;
Educational institutions — 5%;
Cultural institutions — 4%;
Youth organisations — 3%;
Health care institution — 7%;
Goods and services — 22%;
Children's goods — 6%;
Other organisations and institutions — 12%.

Extensive advertising campaign was held to provide the success of the "Family World. Country of Childhood" exhibition, it included:
· E-mailing of invitations;
· Placement of advertising banners and information on the exhibition, specialised and information portals — more than 25 resources;
· Placement of advertising models and information in specialised, information and infotainment print media — more than 10 publications;
· Banner advertising on the information and entertainment portal http://www.irk.ru/ in the "News" section;
· Advertising on Facebook and Vkontakte social networking sites;
· Broadcast of commercials and stories in local and regional television channels: TNT, Home, STS, First — more than 100 times;
· Broadcast of audio advertisement on Russian Radio, Fresh, MSM, Mir, Retro, Dacha — more than 200 outlets on the radio;
· Audio clip translation in the following shopping centres of Irkutsk: Slata Supermarkets (47 items), Ruchei Shopping Centre, Doka Shopping Centre, Express Supermarket, Voyage Shopping Centre, Irkutsk Shopping Centre, New Market Shopping Centre, Versailles Shopping Centre, ShanghaiCityMoll Shopping Centre, Mercury Shopping Centre, Colour Park Shopping Centre, Jubilee Shopping and Entertainment Centre, Europark Shopping Centre, Fortune trade area, Building Materials Shopping Centre, Building Materials 2 Shopping Centre, BrandHall Shopping Centre, Four Seasons Trade Area, Electron Shopping Centre, Fortune Grand Shopping Centre, Universal Shopping Centre — more than 8000 times;
· Placement of clip on video screens — Baykalskaya St. / Timiryazeva and Lenin/Gorky St.

The distribution of media recourses among Russian regions: Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Primorsk Territory, the Republic of Buryatia.

Types of media:
Specialised and information portals — 7%
Specialised and information printed — 13%
Internet (including social networks) — 10%
Television — 18%
Radio — 22%
Shopping centres — 25%
Video screens outdoors — 5%

Within the "Family World. Country of Childhood" exhibition the topical activities on prevention of social orphanhood and support of the families of Irkutsk Region were held. Also, there were the sections on the main directions: products for families and children of different age categories; services for families and children of different age categories; attention and care to children.

Irkutsk regional division of the Social Insurance Fund Public Institution told about the social support of a family under present-day conditions. The Ministry of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy of Irkutsk Region and Irkutsk Regional Council of Women held the "Earthy Heaven — in a Happy Family" round table. "Presentation of experience of special education teachers on the formation of visual, auditory and tactile analyzers" interview presentation was organised by Usolye regional specialised orphanage.

Within the exhibition various activities both for adults and for children were constantly held. For pregnant women and young mothers thematic consultations passed where women learned about breastfeeding, social support, and also could get advice of specialists in the occasion of relationship in a young family.

Besides, there was a set of master classes: making candy bouquets, painting on clay, making picture frames using the art of origami and quilling, working with birch bark, making flowers from satin ribbons and more. In addition, the exhibition programme was full of performances of creative groups and concerted family items.

This year for the first time the Irkutsk Brand competition on the best goods for children offered by the Ministry of Social Development, Guardianship and Custody of Angarsk Region was held. The event was created for replenishment of the exhibition with not only socially significant projects, but also goods and services.

The "Family World. Country of Childhood" exhibition completed its work with the traditional summing up of the best exhibitor competition. Also there was the grand opening of the "Gold fund families of Angara Region" Book of Honor of the best families of the region, and the final of the "Lady 38 Mother" competition organised by the portal for parents of Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region 38mama.ru.

At the closing ceremony
guests and participants of the exhibition were welcomed by Vladimir Rodionov, Minister of Social Development, Guardianship and Custody of Irkutsk Region:
 — The "Family World. Country of Childhood" exhibition gives visitors an opportunity to consult experts of social institutions on important issues, and young people have a chance to learn more about family tradition and join the club of young families. Traditionally at the exhibition there was Regional Database of Children without parental care, where specialists could tell all interested people about adoption, benefits and payments. Summer holiday for children was also presented at the exhibition. And I think that this will give a good start for the forthcoming summer recreation campaign and preparation for the International Children's Day, because everything that we do is valuable and important!

Also at the closing ceremony Lyudmila Galaeva, Head of Exhibitions Department of Sibexpocentre addressed to the organisers and participants: 
— Thank you for your participation and for the wonder and soul that you put into this event. You have shown that family is the most important thing in life and there is nothing more important than our children. Different nationalities living in Irkutsk Region, as well as municipalities were presented here. Within three days not indifferent to the upbringing and education people were working here. They held
master classes, showed their skills and taught new and interesting skills to the younger generation. Special thanks for it!


Zhanna Belousova, psychologist of Children's home No. 2 in Irkutsk:

 — The World of Family exhibition, undoubtedly, is an important event for Irkutsk Region. It gives an opportunity to learn necessary information, ask exercising questions, give people impulse to adoption of momentous decisions, for example, to adoption of children. Personally for me the exposition has made only positive impressions, the highly topical programme pleased especially. During the day master classes pass constantly in which both children and adults can participate. Such activities give the chance to try something new, prove oneself, create unusual thing for long memory. At our stand children drew on sand that affects a motility and mentality of a child very well. In general, the purpose of our participation is to demonstrate how we work with children and to share options of the organisation of children's leisure with parents. For example, we tell about things which are possible to make from improvised materials, how to occupy a child, how to make children's games creative and to inflame a child with some activity. Children need to be interested from earliest infancy to have preferences and hobbies in the future.

Anvar Khairov, Deputy Chairman of the Tatar-Bashkir Cultural Centre Irkutsk Regional Public Organisation:

 — Our organisation decided to present the exhibition collection of suits of 15—16 centuries belonging to different Tartarian estates. A family of this nation consisted not only of people, but also of culture, clothing and interior. Every detail meant the origin or level of standing in the society. We can see items of nobility clothing which was not available to commoners. As for the exhibition I want to say that it is necessary for our society, because a family is the concept of social and public. As a family is held out in the community, as it relates to its values, so the concept of family appears, which subsequently is guided by our children. The main thing is to respect nationalities, life and culture of the people.

Olga Dunina, Head of Department of Maintaining of Regional Database of Children without Parental Custody of the Ministry of Social0 Development, Guardianship and Custody of Irkutsk Region:

 — We participate in the exhibition since 2008 and as always the purpose of our participation is drawing attention to orphan children, their problems. I would like to note that Irkutsk Region is the leader in Russia on number of orphaned children and it is a disturbing tendency. We wish people did not pass by and paid attention to our children. We show photo and video materials in hope that people will have a desire to take a child into family. People come, ask questions concerning collecting documents, how quickly to take the child under guardianship. Also the objective question is of interest — what payments and benefits there are.
The World of Family exhibition is necessary to carry out explanatory and advisory work with the population. The exposition also renders us advantage: here we can learn about public organisations which help families, and we have opportunity to see children whom we helped to find families. I would like to note also the versatile programme prepared by organisers. Especially memorable was the Message from the Front project which made impression on all the audience. It appears that the book which included not only letters from the front, but also compositions of great-grandsons of participants of the Second World War was published. It should not avoid observation. Thanks to the World of a Family exhibition for it!

It should be reminded that the IX specialised "Family World. Country of Childhood" exhibition will be held on May 11—13, 2016.

We will be glad to see you among participants and visitors of the exhibition!

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