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The XXIInd "Wood Processing Industry of Siberia. Wooden House Construction Industry" exhibition and the XIIIth "Furniture" exhibition were held on September 15—18, 2015 in Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex.

The "Wood Processing Industry of Siberia. Wooden House Construction Industry" exhibition has been held annually since 1994.
The "Furniture" exhibition has been held since 2000.
Sibexpocentre OJSC — a member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, the leading exhibition company of Eastern Siberia.
Under the patronage of: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.
Official assistance: the Government of Irkutsk Region, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Federal Forestry Agency, Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia.
With active participation of: Ministry of Economic Development of Irkutsk Region, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Irkutsk Region, Irkutsk Region Forestry Agency, Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Irkutsk Region, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eastern Siberia, Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs Irkutsk regional association of employers.
Duration: 4 days
Total area: 4500 sq.m.
Number of participants: 75 companies
Number of visitors: 6800 people

The opening ceremony was attended by:

PAVEL BEZMATERNYKH, Acting Deputy Governor of Irkutsk Region

TIMUR IRTUGANOV, Vice-president of the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia, General Director of Centrelesexpo OJSC

YURI LOGACHEV, President of the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Irkutsk Region;

MIKHAIL TEMNICHENKO, First Vice-president, Deputy Chairman of the board of St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange CJSC

ALEKSEI NILOV, Deputy Director General of Sibexpocentre OJSC.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibitions Pavel Bezmaternykh, Acting Deputy Prime Minister of Irkutsk Region told guests and participants about priorities of our region among other territorial entities of Russia, achievements of forest industry and business programme of the exhibition:

- Irkutsk Region is a territory of priority development where seven priority investment projects of federal importance and a set of projects carried out by small and medium-sized enterprises are realized. Growth of industrial production in area is higher than the corresponding figures across Siberian federal district and even across Russia. At the exhibition not only achievements of the forest industry of the region will be demonstrated, but also discussions on many burning issues will pass, such as implementation of the pilot project of forest management identification, development of personnel potential, development of exchange trade, natural complex protection and preservation. I want to wish all participants to achieve the goals which they establish within the exhibition and also to exchange experience and find new partners.

Timur Irtuganov, Vice-president of the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia, Director General of Centrelesexpo OJSC noted that now it is hard time for development of the industry:

- The year is difficult for the industry, we all understand difficult conditions in which we have to work now. Import substitution and export orientation allow us to work more effectively. Nevertheless, at the state level the projects for industry development are considered constantly — these are both further work of Institute of priority investment projects in timber processing complex and amendments to the Forestry Code. I hope that not only the complex of these measures, but also our effective work will permit the industry to move forward, not to allow stagnation and to feel more surely.

Also Yuri Logachev, President of the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Irkutsk Region made a speech at the exhibition. He wished participants new contacts, good bargains, profits and prosperity. One more speaker at the opening ceremony Mikhail Temnichenko, First Vice-president, Vice Chairman of the board of St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange CJSC awarded prizes to the representatives of the Government of Irkutsk Region and market participants who made the greatest contribution to development of exchange trade.


Participants demonstrated the latest developments and technologies, equipment, machines and tools for timber and woodworking industries. On the platform in front of Sibexpocentre the large-size equipment was presented which daily demonstrated the opportunities for timber harvesting.

Geography of participants: Russia, Austria, Germany, Finland, Estonia, China

Irkutsk Region — 51%
Other regions of Russia — 33%
Foreign participants — 16%

Geographical distribution among regions of Russia: Bryansk Region, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region, Krasnodar Territory, Krasnoyarsk, Leningrad Region, Moscow, Moscow Region, Novosibirsk Region, Perm Region, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk Territory, Chelyabinsk Region

Spheres of exhibitors' activities:
Woodworking machinery — 17%
Harvesting technique — 5%
Enterprises of timber harvesting and woodworking — 7%
Wooden construction — 17%
Furniture production — 6%
Related services — 31%
Mass media — 17%


Visitors' structure:
Executives and upper level managers — 49%
Specialists — 39%
Customers, buyers — 12%

Geography of visitors:

Russia (Irkutsk Region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Zabaikalye Territory, the Republic of Buryatia), Germany, China.

Irkutsk Region — 94%
Other regions of Russia — 4%
Foreign visitors — 2%
Seminars, meetings and round tables were held within the exhibition, the questions connected with a situation in forest industry in Baikal Region and in Russia in the whole were discussed there.

One of the important event of the "Wood Processing Industry of Siberia. Wooden House Construction Industry" exhibition became the Forest and Man — Irkutsk Forum organised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Government of Irkutsk Region and Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia.
Visitors were interested in the numerous round tables which passed within the exhibition where it was possible to learn not only about implementation of priority investment projects in the field of forest exploitation but also about aspects of ecological education and enlightenment.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation of State Scientific Centre of Timber Processing Complex Federal State Unitary Enterprise and the Ministry of Economic Development of Irkutsk Region held the "Measures of State Support of the Enterprises of Timber Complex. Implementation of Priority Investment Projects in the Field of Development of Woods" round table.
The "Commodity Exchange in the Market of Forest Products" round table was carried out by guests of the city and participants of the exhibition —  St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange, and the Ministry of Natural Resources of Irkutsk Region held the "Protection of Lake Baikal and the Development of Baikal Natural Territory" round table.
Equally important event became the "Human and Scientific Problems of the Forest Sector. Cooperation of the Forest Industry and the Scientific and Educational Organisations" round table which was organised by Bratsk State University.

The "Wood in the Russian and foreign literature" round table carried out by Bratsk State University together with the Irkutsk House of Writers became very interesting and informative.

At the closing ceremony of exhibitions the most active participants were awarded with diplomas, as well as gold and silver stars of Sibexpocentre.

GOLD STAR was awarded to:


An advertising campaign was held for the exhibitions, it included:
E-mail invitations;
Placement of advertising banners and information on the exhibition, specialised and information portals — more than 30 resources;
Placement of advertising inserts and information in specialised, informational and infotainment print media — more than 30 editions;
Banner advertising on the information portal http://www.irk.ru/ in the "News" section;
Advertising in social networks Facebook, Vkontakte and official groups of Sibexpocentre;
Information on the exhibition in specialised print media, which are partners of the event — "Forest Complex of Siberia" and 'LesPromInform';
Broadcast of advertising clips in local and regional television channels — AIST, Ren, Russia 1, Russia 2 — more than 170 times;
Broadcast of audio clips on the radio -Auto Radio, Chanson, Mayak, Sport, Retro, Umor, Russkoe radio, Fresh, Mir — 370 times;
Audio clip translation in Irkutsk shopping centres — more than 6000 times;
Audio clip translation in OMNI fuel filling stations — 26 fuel filling stations;
Placement of А3 show bills in transport — 140 units;
Outdoor advertising: banner 3×6: Ushakovsky Bridge/Znamensky, Shelekhovsky Tract, Traktovaya/Outcome — August, September.

Distribution of media recourses: Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Ussuriisk, Moscow.

Types of media:
Specialised and information portals — 10%
Specialised and information printed  — 10%
Internet — 10%
Television  — 15%
Radio  — 20%
Shopping centres and fuel filling stations — 10%
Show bills in transport — 10%
Outdoor advertising — 3%
Vadim Damdinov, Deputy Director of Derevyannye Doma LLC:

 — We are constant participants of the "Wood processing industry of Siberia. Wooden house construction industry" exhibition because it is an effective platform for meetings with new customers and standing client liaison. At the exhibition we represent options of wooden houses construction and also a heater of German production and frame houses on German technology. We see a great interest of visitors to our stand therefore I have no doubts that after the exhibition many of them will become constant partners. Even now requests and preliminary orders come to our mail. Certainly, the exhibition brings great benefit to any business. Here it is possible to demonstrate the production, thereby to find a common language with future buyers. Therefore we will participate in the exhibition next year, and in short-term plan there is participation in the 'Baikal Construction Week-2016'.

Taisiya Kashina, Engineer of 1 category of the Centre of Forest Protection of Irkutsk Region:

 — Our establishment is called the Centre of Forest Protection of Irkutsk Region. At the exhibition we present the desktop of the engineer — forest pathologist, and also we tell visitors about work of our centre. Many citizens address to us concerning forest fires or unauthorized deforestation which does not fall within our competence therefore we want to tell people about our real destination. Activity of the Centre of Forest Protection of Irkutsk Region is enhancement and preservation of woods of the region which means that we carry out forest pathology monitoring and monitoring of forest regeneration. To please visitors of the exhibition, we prepared small gifts — seeds of Scots Pine with the instruction of sowing technology. Having planted such a tree a person will be able to make a small contribution to preservation of the nature not only of Irkutsk Region, but the whole Russia as well.

Aleksandr Pogosov, Director of Forest Equipment Department of Sennebogen Maschinenfabrik GMBH:

 — Our company is relatively recently in the Irkutsk market — for about one and a half years therefore we just have need in participation in the exhibition where annually there are a lot of large wood processors. The event gives an opportunity to promote the brand, get acquainted with the market and demonstrate the services. We produce equipment for logistics of large warehouses of round timber. If the company processes more than 200 thousand cubes of wood for a year, it makes sense to think of such productive equipment, as we have. In general, we are satisfied with the exhibition and already think of participation the next year.

Ruslan Anufriev, Master of BaikalBrus Company production:

 — The "Wood processing industry of Siberia. Wooden house construction industry" exhibition is a very good chance for our company to demonstrate what we are and what opportunities our company has. At the exhibition we offer options of houses building from laminated lumber of natural humidity, and also offer services for manufacture of components and house assembly on turnkey basis. I want to say that the exhibition was very effective for us, due to the large number of visitors, even I hardly had time to answer questions. I am confident that, as in the past year calls and orders will begin after the exhibition. Of course, the exhibition is needful, because Irkutsk Region has a large reserve of forest resources and such events should be held at the regional level. Here, people can learn about companies, see the products clearly, see harvesting technique in action. For example, I have seen here new tools and methods for assembly of houses, which about did not know. Therefore I recommend to specialists of industry and all interested people to attend the exhibition in all cases!

It should be reminded, that the XXIII "Wood Processing Industry of Siberia. Wooden House Construction Industry" exhibition will be held on September 13—16, 2016.

We will be glad to see you among participants and visitors of the exhibition

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