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Amir Absolyamov, Director of 7 futov shop:

- The 7 futov centre for ship fitting out and lifting tackle was created several years ago and established itself as reliable and good shop. We have a wide range of products of leading world manufacturers: high-quality stainless fixtures, paints for shipbuilding and ship repair, bilge and electrical equipment, anchor, steering wheels, safety and signaling tools, utensils for cabooses and state cabins, literature on shipping, clothing and souvenir products. We want to facilitate the efforts on arrangement and operation of swimming facilities, so we decided to once again take part in the ‘Hunting. Fishing. Tourism. Recreation’ exhibition. Many visitors do not even know that our shop functions in Irkutsk, so exposure helped us not only to express ourselves but also to advertise the products.

In general, exhibitions are very interesting and informative, they are filled with necessary and various goods. Only here you understand that in Irkutsk there are a lot of people who are interested in hunting and fishing. Thanks to Sibexpocentre for such necessary and important exhibitions of vital importance during a holiday season.

Lyudmila Kinozerova, Chief Manager of a sales office of Belokurikha health retreat (Altai Territory):

- At exhibitions we represent a network of Belokurikha Resort health retreats - the leading sanatorium-resort consolidation of the federal balneotherapeutic Belokurikha health resort. Availability of 3 health retreats (Siberia, Katun and Belokurikha) with different price policies and a medical profile allows to choose an optimal variant of treatment, improvement and recreation in Altai. Each health resort has its own medical base, and for comfortable stay - outdoor and indoor pools, catering on the Swedish system, cinema and concert halls, billiard rooms, tennis courts and gyms.

Network of health retreats - the only spa facility in the resort having the license for 61 types of medical works and services in six types of medical activities: sanatorium-resort, pre-medical, outpatient and inpatient.

Visitors always have interest to our stand even if they have come to the exhibition with other purposes. This year we saw not only regular customers, but also got new ones. We very carefully prepare for exhibitions to give all interested the complete information about treatment and price policy. Many people who heard a little about Belokurikha in the absence of accurate information will not consider treatment in the resort. For this reason we come to exhibitions, so that everyone who wishes to be treated in Altai could fulfill the dream.

Dmitry Malyginov, Deputy Director General of Kuzina Okhota LLC:

- The exhibitions devoted to hunting, fishing and active recreation are not only innovations and achievements in the industries but also a special festive atmosphere. Here it is possible to demonstrate your products, carry out advertising actions and drawings of lottery, investigate the consumer market, which means to attract new clients and expand the list of contacts.

Our company is engaged in supplying high quality equipment at the reasonable prices for people engaged in underwater hunting, tourists and fishers. We have a wide choice of boats, motor boats, cross-country vehicles, tourist clothing and footwear, camping equipment. Also, we are preparing off-road vehicles for expeditions and hunting. At the exhibition we presented classical samples of firearms and smoothbore weapons, new items of Russian production - ORSIS hunting rifled bolted carbine, VPO-208 366 TKM and VPO-209 366 TKM, optic line for hunting weapons, as well as decoys for birds and hoofed animals.

In general, it pleases that residents are increasingly interested in active lifestyle, join physical culture and sport. Impressions of exhibitions are only positive therefore we will try to participate next year as well.

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