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Have a rest together with Sibexpocentre!

Start of a summer season for fans of hunting, fishing, tourism and outdoor activities was marked by holding traditional "Hunting. Fishing" and "Tourism. Recreation" exhibitions. Modern equipment and accessories, tourist equipment, goods and furniture for recreation, the best offers from camp sites and resorts — all this could be found at exhibitions in Sibexpocentre.

It is not a secret that Irkutsk Region has unique natural resources, which together create ideal conditions for travelling. In this regard, also the range of services to serve tourists wishing to visit the Irkutsk earth and its main sight — Lake Baikal extends. To help with the choice of the resting place and facilitate the selection of equipment, more than 70 companies from Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Buryatia, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk and Finland presented their products and services at the exhibitions.

Exhibiting of the weapon and ammunition became a highlight of the exhibitions this year. It became possible after obtaining of the special license by Sibexpocentre. It should be noted that stands of the participating companies caused a great interest in visitors, everyone wanted to consider exhibits and get advice on their application.

The exposition part as usual was followed by the highly topical business programme. The "Problems of Omul Reduce in Lake Baikal to the Critical Level, and the Ways to Restore Their Numbers" round table became one of the main events. The participants discussed the problems of fishing industry development in Baikal and came to the conclusion that the reduction of Omul population is directly connected to illegal fishing and underfinancing of its reproduction. In this regard, recommendations are developed and short-term plans for change of current situation are defined.

Exhibitions were attended by the delegation from Japan which prepared for inhabitants of Irkutsk a two-day "Japanese art of reception of guests. Soul of hospitality" seminar. At the eventeveryone could learn about the traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun: learn the rules of etiquette, greetings, working conditions, organisation of leisure time and many other things.

Also within exhibitions there were: the "Problems and prospects of development of rural tourism" round table, the "Reserved necklace of Baikal" presentation, the "Baikal Region sacral shaman places, shaman customs which need to be known" seminar. Also the Fair of Vacation Packages worked where it was possible to find many interesting offers on the organisation of summer holidays, pick up new tourist directions and sanatorium-resort vacation packages.

Within entertainment programme there were the"Use of modern baits in fishing" master classes from Serebryanyi Ruchei trading house and also drawings of prizes and discounts for purchases.

The "Hunting. Fishing" and "Tourism. Recreation" exhibitions were completed with traditional summing up a competition on the best exhibitor. Gold stars were awarded to: Serebryanyi Ruchei Company, Kuzina Okhota LLC, Pokrov Centre of Outfit, the AVK-Instrument Company, Centre of Business Connections of East-Siberian Railway — Branch of Russian Railways LLC, the Reserved Necklace of Baikal network of the Federal especially protected natural areas, the Ministry for the Environment of the Russian Federation. The silver stars were handed to: 7 Futov Company, KAIDA Company, Tsar-Ryba Company, VOSTSIB AGP OJSC, Smithy of Gorbunov, Solnechnaya Dolina Company, Sputnik LLC.

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