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Viktoriya Doronina, Hair Stylist of Aurum Studio salon, Representative of Europa Hair Company:

— We participate in the "Industry of Beauty" exhibition for the first time and can say that we

are satisfied with the results. Here we introduced a new FixHair hair extension technology — it is the development of international creative team, bringing together creators, designers, stylists, and fans of extension from Switzerland and Russia. The emergence of this technology was promoted by months of collective work, hundreds of drawings, dozens of experienced models, hundreds of hours of discussion and debates, more than a hundred procedures, hair extensions and negotiations with different factories-manufacturers of completion materials.

Aurum Studio salon is the first in Irkutsk which presented this novelty of 2016. The device extends hair ranks, and the whole process takes only 30 minutes. This technology united the best modern systems of hair extension. Locks can be painted, tinted and any kind of hair setting can be exploited. Such extension suits for thin and impoverished hair. It is possible to learn how to work with this device in our salon. Moreover, upon purchase of goods training is provided free of charge, and upon termination we issue a certificate.

Certainly, the exhibition helped us with advance of this development on the market of beauty industry. We could not only tell about the device, but also demonstrate it at work. Within the exhibition we held a series of master classes in hair extension in order visitors could see all advantages of this technology visually. The result of our participation became a good contact base. For example, we exchanged phone numbers not only with residents of Irkutsk and nearby cities, but also with experts from Trans-Baikal Territory and the Republic of Buryatia. I think that next time the exhibition will be not less fruitful therefore we already plan the participation.

Alexander Tolmachev, Director General of NailsPlus Company:

— We are not beginners at the Industry of Beauty exhibition we seek to take part in all the "beautiful" events of Sibexpocentre every year. It responds to great interest to our production from the specialists and visitors who are beauty experts. At the exhibition we presented professional cosmetics and supplies for beauty salons, as well as prepared special prices and favorable stocks for visitors. We constantly seek to expand our line of products. For example, now our line is composed of 10 brands, and in our plan — up to 70 brands. Now we are actively developing our online store in order our customers could acquire the necessary goods for work at any time.

The Industry of Beauty exhibition is favorable to us both from the point of view of advertising and developing of new base of contacts. It provides an opportunity to tell about yourself, present the product range and have a look at competitors. As for visitors, they have an opportunity to buy materials and cosmetics at the favorable prices, and also get acquainted with novelties and participate in master classes absolutely free of charge. Therefore I advise everyone to visit such interesting and bright event as the Industry of Beauty exhibition!

Oksana Karaseva, Director General of Avenue, 11:

— The exhibition from year to year becomes better and better, at the same time remaining invariable in view of remarkable organisation and highly topical business programme. It is glad that in the conditions of economic instability of our country, masters of the industry of beauty try to improve their skills and professionalism. It means that the service sector in Irkutsk tries to be at the certain level.

We traditionally acted as organisers of the Championship of Siberia and Far East on make-up, hairdressing, modeling and design of nails, look modeling which was held this year for the third time. This year professionals from Irkutsk, Usolye Sibirskoe, Ust-Ilimsk and Ulan-Ude participated at the event, and eminent masters and world champions judged their works. Also I want to note that we always support physically disabled people, providing them chance to participate free of charge and test their forces in practice. All contestants of the Championship were waited by an excellent prize fund from partners and sponsors: certificates, prizes, gifts and monetary prizes. Besides, we have handed to all participants tickets for the Nevskie Berega beauty Festival which annually takes place in St. Petersburg.

I want to thank Sibexpocentre team for good work and understanding in such hard times. I wish good luck, prosperity and excellent exhibitions!

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