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Anastasiya Ksenofontova, Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee, Head of educational units of full-time and part-time studies of Irkutsk branch of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography:

— We participate in the "Knowledge. Profession. Career" exhibition for the first time and I can say that the event made a good impression on us. The fact is that the Irkutsk branch of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography was formed only in 2012: earlier in Irkutsk there was a technical school of film and television, then pursuant to the Order of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation the institution was reorganised by accession to the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography. Initially, we implemented only specialties of secondary special education: theatrical and audiovisual equipment, technology and art of photography, animation. Currently we hold a set of directions for higher education: Producer business, Dramatic art, Direction of Films and Television. In general, we train experts in the spheres of film, video, television and other screen arts. We have both fee-paying and state-subsidized education.

Among our famous graduates there is Yuri Yashnikov, Film Director, Head of Irkutsk regional office of the Youth Centre of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia who directed the national "Pokhabovsk. Reverse side of Siberia" comedy in 2013. Also Julia Byvsheva, Film Director who became the winner of the First Baikal Festival of Regional Films for the documentary "Leaving Voices" film is also well known.

The exhibition helps us to inform entrants. Here we can talk about everything that can not be found on the Internet or by phone. For example, not everyone knows that only teachers of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography hold classes, and grade tests and examinations are online — by means of conference communication. Also, not everyone knows that upon termination of higher education institution, we give diplomas, where the place of training is the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography, Irkutsk is not even mentioned there. Despite this, the film education in our city should develop. I am sure that we will have films no worse than in Moscow, because we have a lot of talented people.

Kristina Galitskaya, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Teacher of the College of the Baikal State University:

— Every year we participate in the "Knowledge. Profession. Career" exhibition and consider this platform the main educational event of the year. With this exhibition the season of preparation for final examinations and admission to educational institutions takes the start

— For a long time our college provides a wide range of economic, technological, catering and merchandising specialties approved themselves 80 years ago. Such specialties as banking, finance, public catering are very demanded now. The state does not even allocate the state-funded place because there are a lot of people interested to get these professions. Parents send children to get these specialties knowing that the child will be a professional in the field and will get the knowledge base.

You should not forget that we have an educational continuity: graduates of our college interested to get higher education in Baikal State University are provided the discount of 38% for training. There is also other practice in Baikal State University — the correspondence accelerated office where graduates of college can get a higher education for three years on the basis of other diploma. Certainly, it is possible to come to Baikal State University from any other college, but entrance after training in our college is more favorable. Some subjects are already passed here, which means that they are excluded from examination period of the institution which permits to save two years of study.

The exhibition for us is one of stages of college development when it is possible to sum up certain results and open something new for ourselves. I think that this event will have a beneficial effect on development of our college and will provide us a big flow of entrants.

Elena Aleksandrova, Secretary of the selection committee of Angarsk State Technical University:

— Our educational institution — Angarsk State Technical University — is located in the city of Angarsk. Education is provided in the following directions: technical — informatics and computing science, electronics and nanoelectronics, electrical energy industry, automation, construction, and also everything connected with chemical technologies, automobile transport, ecology, economy and management. The term of training on bachelor degree course is 4 years, on magistracy degree course is 2 years, on research degree — depending on the direction. The state-subsidized places are provided on each of the presented directions.

For residents of Angarsk and Usolye districts it is convenient to be trained in our higher education institution as less time and money is spent for drive, accommodation and food, than, for example, while training in Irkutsk. We provide to all students a big range of educational directions and comfortable conditions of training.

We would like to thank the organisers for the done work, for us participation was really saturated. We were approached a lot of interested people, whom we will hopefully see as students. In any case, we will participate in the educational exhibitions of Sibexpocentre over and over again!

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