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The 15th anniversary ‘Realty Fair. Mortgages. Loans’ exhibition demonstrating the housing market of Irkutsk Region, other cities of Russia and the nearby countries, finished its work on November 5 in Sibexpocentre.

More than 80 companies from Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg took part in the work of the exposition. Participants provided the favorable offers on acquisition of residential and commercial real estate, on the market of under construction and secondary housing, on the services accompanying the construction and arrangement of buildings and rooms. For the first time the VINESTATE Company which introduced the Irkutsk citizens with the real estate market in Vietnam participated in the exhibition.

Exhibitors presented the major models of houses with detailed information about their location and infrastructure in order the potential buyers were able to weigh all the pluses and minuses of the pleasant housing. Here you can not only agree on a preliminary inspection of the apartment or house, but also to ‘walk through the living space’ by means of virtual reality glasses.

Bank employees, providing services and programmes of mortgage lending rendered assistance in acquisition of housing in primary and secondary market to residents of Irkutsk. Terms of payment are individually designed, and the amount of payments, payment deadline and interest rate differ depending on apartment cost.

Also specially for visitors the consulting area was organised, where the experts of pension fund, Internal Revenue, Bailiff Department, Legal Aid Department, insurance companies, multi-service centres, cadastral services, representatives of management companies and others worked.

Within the exhibition there was the highly topical business programme both for specialists of the industry, and for inhabitants of the region. The important event became the panel ‘New Decisions in Real Estate Field’ discussion where participants discussed such important subjects as: changes in the federal law, housing certificates, new formats in the market of housing construction, scenarios and forecasts of commercial real estate and others.

An interesting and informative event was a lesson on the topic: ‘How to take an apartment from the developer.’ The presenter told guests of the exhibition on what things it is necessary to pay attention for by acceptance of the apartment. The first is to verify all the technological, engineering equipment and constructions specified in the appendix of the contract of participation in the shared construction with the fact of its installation in the apartment. Also in accordance with this document, it is necessary to accept completeness. It includes the presence of insulating glass units and stained glass windows, doors, electrical, plumbing communication, screed coat, plaster. If all the items are implemented, it is necessary to check their quality. During the inspection of housing with a buyer there shall be a representative of the developer with the following documents: delivery-acceptance act and a certificate of inspection of the apartment (observation sheet), in which afterwards you will be able to put in snagging items indicating the duration of their elimination, if any appear. One copy signed by the developer will remain with you, and another is given to the builder for elimination of the notes.

Also within the exhibition there were the training courses for realtors and the final of the Best ‘Real Estate Agency’ competition which winner received the ‘Best Company’ challenge cup.

The exhibition came to the end with draw of gifts among visitors and summing up the competition on the best exhibitor.

Gold Stars of the exhibition were received by: NOVYI GOROD LLC financial construction company, GRAND-STROI LLC, DOMSTROI LLC financial construction company, VOSTOK-CENTRE Irkutsk CJSC, Management of Capital Construction of the City of Irkutsk municipal unitary enterprise, Vostsibstroi group of companies, Vysota LLC construction company, CENTRAL PARK Residential Complex, Sberbank OJSC, ARBAN construction company, REGION LLC, SIBENERGOREMSTROI LLC,  MAGISTRAL construction alliance, ‘Real Estate Irkutsk professional association’ non-profit partnership, PARAPETSTROY LLC, Bureau of Cadastral Engineers LLC.

Silver Stars of the exhibition were awarded to: KORONA LLC, TOPKASTROIINVEST LLC, VTB 24 (PJSC), KSI-STROI LLC (ONEGIN Residential Complex), MOBI KLIN LLC (OCHAG Residential Complex), VOSTOCHNYI bank, STROIGRAD LLC, INSTROITEKH LLC, Centre of Construction Management LLC, Ladnyi Dom LLC group of companies.


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