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21 february
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Mariya Emelyanova, Executive Director of Naturalnyi Produkt DV (the city of Nakhodka):

- We came for the first time to the ‘Siberian Food Products’ exhibition and can say that we were amazed with the scale of the event in the most positive sense. At the exhibition we presented canned products - vegetables, jams and preserves made from natural products. All vegetables and fruits are grown in one of the most ecologically clean regions in the world - the Ararat valley. Preservatives, artificial colours and technologies of genetic modifying are not used in the process of manufacturing.

Acquaintance to the market of Irkutsk and search of partners for cooperation was our purpose. We saw a lot of the interested people, exchanged contacts with them therefore I hope for fruitful work. In the nearest plans is the interaction with local shops and trade networks. We already have a successful work experience with Moscow and Moscow Region, Primorsk Territory and Novosibirsk.

Certainly, the exhibition gives good opportunities for start of new companies and strengthening of the Russian marketplace situation of the stable enterprises. Here specialists of the industry can find the contacts, necessary for work, and consumers can estimate taste and quality of products. Thanks to organisers for the good level of the organisation of the event, highly topical programme and possibility of business communication!

Aleksei Smirnov, Project Manager in Blago group of companies (St. Petersburg):

- Our company is engaged in B2B and B2C products: vegetable oils, mayonnaise and margarine. Holding Company is situated in St. Petersburg, also we have three production sites – near Voronezh and in Armavir. We constantly participate in such large exhibitions as the ‘Siberian Food Products’ exhibition to get partnership with distributors and get acquainted with local production companies.

We are happy with results of the exhibition, we managed to collect the good list of contacts. It is too early to judge on financial results, but the interest from visitors to the exhibition is great. We want to wish success and prosperity to the organisers of this event!

Irina Moshkina (the city of Moscow), Russian confectioner, member of the jury of Irkutsk Story confectionery mastery:

- First of all, I want to tell many thanks to Sibexpocentre for the invitation to this wonderful exhibition and organisation of such a competition as Irkutsk Story. I am in Irkutsk for the first time, but fell in love with this city, because the impression of the place is made up mainly of people. Irkutsk people are very friendly, smiling and welcoming, it is captivating.

Within the ‘Siberian Food Products’ exhibition I held several master classes. They passed remarkably, but for me as for the professional, the most important is an assessment of people who attended them. I did not hear bad feedbacks, and someone took some technicians and nuances for use in the creativity at all. In the course of work I was constantly helped, students and young specialists had especially great interest, they perfectly met the challenges.

In general, the exhibition is fine, here it is possible to find items for every taste and colour. Everything is organised at the top level and thought out to the last detail. I would return here next year with pleasure!

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