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The winners of the ‘Irkutsk History’ competition and participants of the ‘Siberian Food Products’ exhibition were awarded in Sibexpocentre

Today, April 29, in Sibexpocentre the solemn closing ceremony of the "Siberian Food Products. Siberian Spring" exhibitions took place, where the results of the "Irkutsk History" competition of confectionary skills were announced. All the contestants including highly experienced and just starting their career confectioners were waited for high awards, diplomas and a lot of nice gifts from the partners of the event.

The winner in the "Brand-name Cake of Irkutsk" category according to the jury was the Candied Roasted Nuts Cake from Pop Café. The second place was taken by Gastronome № 1 pastry shop and the third place was taken by the Sun hotel. People's jury awarded the victory to the Gastronome № 1, the second place — to the Pop Café and the third one — to the Vernissage confectionery shop.

In the "Best Anniversary Cake" nomination the jury determined the CAKE HOME candy store as the winner, and the Opening Day pastry bakery took at once the second and third places with Siberia and Irkutsk Chronicle cakes. Taste-tester from the people also agreed with the opinion of professional jury, having given a victory to CAKE HOME candy store. The Opening Day pastry bakery took the second place, and the third one was taken by Stefany pastry bakery.

The winners in two categories — the CAKE HOME and Pop Café candy stores — were presented with crystal steles, diplomas and memorable gifts. In addition, Sibexpocentre OJSC presented the certificates for participation in the Siberian Food Products — 2017 exhibition to the winners. Also, all participants received certificates and gifts from the partners of the event: Russian Railways OJSC, Vitrina Company, Pautina media group, Media Centre advertising agency and Prime advertising agency.

May we remind you that media partners of the competition were: CityFormat Company, 2GIS information guide, Inform TM advertising agency and Irk.ru city portal.

It is worth noting that the contestants were not left behind, but decided to thank the national jury by drawing of beautiful and delicious cakes. Surprise in the form of painted Easter cakes made at the master class was prepared also by Irina Moshkina, Confectioner and Gold Medalist of the pastry competition of Russia. One of the winners of the lottery became Natalya Petrovna, Head of the student residence of Irkutsk State Medical University:

— We love the Siberian Food Products exhibition very much and it so happened that yesterday we and our colleagues visited it and got six tickets to the drawing. I was entrusted to come to the rewarding, so I am here and for a good reason, because we have won a wonderful cake. I want to say thank you Sibexpocentre for the organisation of such events and special thanks to confectioners for their hard work and patience!

Also within the exhibition the results of Irkutsk Novelty tasting competition were announced. The gold medal was handed to Sibirskaya Niva JSC, Irkutsk Bakery CJSC, Sayansky Broiler LLC, MakaronService LLC and Children's Dairy Kitchen Municipal Unitary Enterprise, a silver medal was awarded to IP Sharpinskaya O. V. and Phenix Company. Competition Diploma was gained by the official dealer of Vysshy Vkus LLC — Raduga Baby Company. After rewarding Tatyana Alekseeva, Head of the Department of Food and Processing Industries and Sales of Production of the Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region thanked all participants for conscientious work:

— It is pleasant that our producers once again demonstrated the highest quality of production. There is a wish to note all enterprises, including small which have still everything ahead. Thank you for your responsibly approach to the work and pleasure you bring to inhabitants of our region with your goods!

Then traditional rewarding of the best exhibitors of "Siberian Food Products. Siberian Spring" exhibitions took place. The highest award — gold star of the exhibition — were awarded: Sayansky Broiler LLC, Irkutsk Bakery CJSC, Karavai JSC and Children's Dairy Kitchen Municipal Unitary Enterprise. Silver stars were awarded to: LLC Irkutsk Maslosyrbaza Trade and Purchasing Company, MakaronService LLC, IP Sharpinskaya O. V. and HOOL + LLC.

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