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April 08—11, 2015 the specialised "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition and the "Siberian Spring" exhibition of consumer goods were held in Sibexpocentre OJSC Exhibition Complex. 

Within four days participants of the exhibition demonstrated the best foodstuffs, latest developments and technologies in food and processing industries, modern equipment for packing, production of packing materials and labels, retail equipment. A huge assortment of delicious and quality products was offered to the visitors and guests of the exhibition — meat and meat semi-finished products, sausage products, dairy products, vegetables, confectionery and bakery products, various drinks, honey, confiture and sweets.

The "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition has been held since 1995.

Exhibition organiser: Sibexpocentre OJSC — a member of the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs, the leading exhibition organisation of Baikal Region. With active participation of: Agro-Industrial Union of Irkutsk Region, non-profit Enterprises Partnership of Food and Processing Industries, Service of the consumer market and licensing of Irkutsk Region.

Official assistance: Government of Irkutsk Region, Administration of the city of Irkutsk, East Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs Irkutsk regional association of employers.


BREAD FESTIVAL, April 8—9, 2015.

Organiser of the festal day: Irkutsk Bread Factory CJSC


Organisers of the festival: Committee on economy of administration of the city of Irkutsk

Duration: 4 days

Total area: 2,500 sq.m.

Number of exhibitors: 76 companies

Number of visitors: 14,600 people

The opening ceremony was attended by:

Dmitry Baimashev, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Irkutsk Region, Chairman of the non-profit Enterprises Partnership of Food and Processing Industries, Chairman of the Agro-Industrial Union of Irkutsk Region

Natalya Zakharova, Acting Head of Consumer Market and Licensing Service of Irkutsk Region 

Yuri Bazhanov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region 

Ivan Bykov, Director General of Irkutsk Bread-baking Plant CJSC

Vladislav Bukhanov, Chairman of board of directors of Sayansky Broiler poultry factory

Andrei Shapovalov, Director General of Sibexpocentre OJSC 

Dmitry Baimashev, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Irkutsk Region, Chairman of the Union of Food and Processing Industries' Enterprises Non-profit Organisation and Chairman of the Agro-industrial Union of Irkutsk Region made a welcome speech at the official opening of the exhibition:

— I am very glad that such an exhibition as the "Siberian food products. Packing. Equipment" exists at the platform of Sibexpocentre. As for our union, we have presented the import substitution perspective, which is very important in our opinion. We all know that the agricultural and food industries in the region are faced with the problem of the availability and cost of spare parts, which are purchased abroad. In this regard, we would like that our enterprises could help us in solving this problem. In turn, I wish all the exhibitors good meetings and plans. I am sure that everyone in this exhibition will find products after their own heart, especially on the eve of Eastertime. 

Yuri Bazhanov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region told the guests about the benefits of local food products:

— The "Siberian food products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition is a very serious event dedicated to food and beverages, which are produced in our region. The significance of this exhibition is determined by the fact that life necessities depend on these goods and health, ability to work and well-being of people depend on the quality of the production. It is particularly important in the conditions of import substitution. The exposition is a reflection of the fact that all our companies are able to solve this problem. I think that the event will cause great interest among the population, because within the exhibition there will be presentations, tastings and also the demonstration of products of companies that gained the right to use the Products of Angara Region trademark.

Andrei Shapovalov, Director General of Sibexpocentre said that the number of participants in spite of the crisis year is higher than last year. According to him, this is an indicator of exhibition importance, so all the people who work on its organisation make efforts for a reason.

Upon completion of the opening ceremony, by the old Russian tradition, all guests were treated with the oven-fresh loaf.


Geography of participants: Russia, Republic of Belarus, China, Mongolia

Irkutsk Region — 59%

Other regions of Russia — 37%

Foreign participants — 4%

Distribution of participants among Russian regions:

Irkutsk Region, the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Republic of Buryatia, Krasnoyarsk Region, Abakan, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Altai Territory

Spheres of exhibitors' activities:

Producers of food and processing industries — 44%

Producers of packing — 14%

Banking and information services — 5%

Press — 2%

Consumer goods — 35%

Advertising Campaign:

An advertising campaign was held for the "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition and the "Siberian Spring" exhibition, it included:

· E-mail invitations;

· Placement of advertising banners and information on the exhibition portals — more than 30 resources;

· Placement of advertising banners and information on the specialised and information portals — more than 40 resources;

· Banner advertising on the information portal http://www.irk.ru/ in the "News" section;

· Placement of advertising inserts and information in specialised, informational and infotainment print media — more than 20 editions;

· Advertising in social networks Facebook, Vkontakte;

· Broadcast of advertising clips in local and regional television channels — RenTV, TNT, NTV, First, STS, Home — more than 130 times;

· Broadcast of audio clips on the radio — Russian radio, Mir, Auto Radio, Chanson, MCM, Retro FM, Datcha — more than 300 times;

· Placement on screens in transport — 220 units of transport;

· Audio clip translation in the following shopping centres of Irkutsk: Slata Supermarkets (47 items), Ruchei Shopping Centre, Doka Shopping Centre, Express Supermarket, Voyage Shopping Centre, Irkutsk Shopping Centre, New Market Shopping Centre, Versailles Shopping Centre, ShanghaiCityMoll Shopping Centre, Mercury Shopping Centre, Colour Park Shopping Centre, Jubilee Shopping and Entertainment Centre, Europark Shopping Centre, Fortune trade area, Building Materials Shopping Centre, Building Materials 2 Shopping Centre, BrandHall Shopping Centre, Four Seasons Trade Area, Electron Shopping Centre, Fortune Grand Shopping Centre, Universal Shopping Centre;

· Placement of video on Baikalskaya/Timiryazeva and

Lenin/Gorky St.video screens.

The distribution of media recourses among regions of Russia: Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow, the Republic of Buryatia.

Types of Media:

Information press — 8%

Specialised press — 6%

Television — 17%

Specialised portals — 5%

Information portals — 7%

Social networks — 7%

Radio — 25%

Shopping centres — 15%

Video screens outside — 10%


The "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition traditionally includes the "Bread Festival" special project, organiser of which is Irkutsk Bread Factory CJSC. Within the festal day, the following activities passed: the seminar show on the painting of Easter cakes. The beginning artists — students of one of Irkutsk Higher Education Institutions — painted the products and answered questions of visitors of the exhibition. Then these exclusive Easter cakes were offered for sale. The authors not only thought out sketches of drawings, but also drew by orders of customers.

Also in the second day of the exhibition the rewarding of winners of the Best Easter Cake competition of children's drawings and hand-made articles passed. All the works symbolizing bright Easter holiday were presented near the stage of the 1st pavilion. Young talents were handed diplomas and sweet gifts — painted Easter cakes.

After it the Irkutsk Bakery presented the brochure issued to 70-year anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and dedicated to the celebration of the 80 anniversary of Irkutsk Bread-baking Plant.

On the second day of the "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition the Irkutsk Novelty professional tasting competition took place. Experts chose the most qualitative products and drinks from the food processing companies of Angara Region and other regions of Russia.

On Friday, April 10 within the "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition the Festival of Culinary Art took place, which activities permitted to stock mind with knowledge in the field of cooking and gave opportunity to learn about traditional national cuisines and also to try at the exhibition and to cook at home unusual dishes for holiday.

Irkutsk technical school of the food industry held "We remember..." master class, dedicated to the 70 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Here it was possible to learn about food features during war, field kitchen, and also to learn recipes of dishes.

All the keen travelers got an opportunity to see the presentation of traditional national dishes among which Chuvash, Georgian, Lithuanian, Indian, Caucasian, Belarusian, Turkish, Ossetian, Russian, Japanese, Uzbek, Chinese and Buryat cuisines were presented. The best restaurants of Irkutsk with the national cultural centres presented dishes which could be tasted at once by all visitors of the exhibition.

At the end of the day the master class of Fusion cuisine from famous chefs of Irkutsk took place. The best culinary specialists of the city clearly demonstrated how to cook tasty and unusual dishes in home conditions.

Boris Chirkov, Chairman of Restaurant Association in Siberia shared the impressions on highly topical programme of the day: I consider that culinary activities which took place in Sibexpocentre today are useful both to the audience and to chefs. The audience could get acquainted with high cuisine and masters, in turn, made the maximum efforts for this purpose. Speaking about the exhibition, I am pleased by abundance of products in our region. Now is not the easiest time for Russia therefore the local market needs to be developed and supported. There are very interesting farms which, for example, represent cheeses — analogue of the Italian production which are every bit as good on the properties. Therefore I wish this exhibition prosperity and further success!

The exhibition completed with summarising of results. On the stage of the exhibition hall the winners of the "Irkutsk Novelty" tasting competition were honored. The prise-winners received diplomas, gold and silver stars, runner-up prises.

Gold stars were awarded to:








Natalya Ivanova, Financial Director of the Abundance of Sausages Company:

— Our Abundance of Sausages Company is the official distributor of Omsk Bacon in the city of Irkutsk. We are just starting an advertising campaign and thanks to the participation in the "Siberian food products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition, we want to introduce the citizens with our products, expand market outlets. Omsk Bacon is a unique agrarian structure with a closed production cycle. This includes pig farm, land for grain growing, feed milling plant and meat processing facilities. In day the company produces more than 100 tons of production, which is made from the highest quality chilled raw materials. I want to note that we have an acceptable price category, products are very delicious and varied. In Irkutsk there are very little products in a natural casing, and we have a whole line: cow, doctor, milky, ham, choice sausages. Besides, we have a large assortment of sausages of which not all manufacturers can boast. We already have customers who love our products. Therefore, we will take part in the following exhibitions!

Maksim Kartsev, Manager of Regional Development of Zakamensky meat-processing plant:

— The exhibition provides an opportunity to both small and large companies to increase the volume and expand the geography of sales, that is why we accepted the invitation to participate here. At our booth chilled beef, meat products, sausage products, as well as real Buryat buuzy are presented. We brought 5 tons of products to the exhibition and sold everything for two days, so we had to organise additional import of goods. There were queues to our counters, that is undoubtedly very pleasant. I want to note the excellent organisation of the event, attentiveness of managers and workers of the organising committee in general to the participants. I am confident that we will meet at the next exhibition!

Irina Poluektova, Senior Economist of the Russian Agricultural Bank: 

— The "Siberian food products. Packing. Equipment" specialised exhibition is an important spring event, which is attended by leading manufacturers and suppliers of food, representing local and Russian food market. The event gives us an opportunity to communicate with our customers, and start cooperation with new ones. We acquaint citizens with banking services, namely lending programmes and depositions, and also advise on any issues. Besides, among clients of the bank there are a lot of trade and production companies. For all consumers we have a set of capital stocks and special offers, we will find an individual approach to every client and find the best conditions for him. In bank departments and, of course, at the exhibitions of Sibexpocentre we are ready to tell more details about the possibilities of the Russian Agricultural Bank.

It should be reminded that the XXII specialised "Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment" exhibition and the XI Siberian Spring exhibition will be held on April 26—29, 2016!

We will be glad to see you among participants and visitors of the exhibition!

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