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23 january
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Elena Bakhteeva, Marketing Specialist of Galen Pharmaceutical Plant and Alfit Company (Barnaul):

- Galen Pharmaceutical Plant together with Alfit Research and Production Company for more than 20 years are engaged in development, production and realisation of phytoproduction mainly from the herbs of Altai Territory. We have various forms of raw materials release: briquettes, packaged production, balms, syrups. Our difference is that products collections are gathered by the professional doctor- herbalists, oncologist defended the Candidate's dissertation on this subject. Our production is on sale over the whole country: somewhere it is already popular, somewhere, for example, in Irkutsk, we only acquaint the public with it.

We attended this exhibition for the first time, but we got only positive impressions. We liked the attention of organisers: they always meet the needs and help. In general, the exhibition took place for us productively: we had more than 10 partners interested in representation of our company in Irkutsk. Also it should be noted that at the exhibition retail sales of goods are going well and it means that local residents are in the mood for phytotherapy, know something about it and even love it. We are already planning to participate in the exhibition next year and also to bring wider range of our products to Irkutsk.

Team of Medresurs-M Group of Companies:

- Since 2005 the Medresurs-M Group of Companies is engaged professionally in comprehensive fitting out of medical preventive treatment institutions with expendable materials and equipment. The range of the company’s products includes the most demanded and qualitative production necessary in daily work of the medical personnel. Our partners and clients are constant participants of the exhibition therefore participation in this event is very important for us. During the exhibition we find new partners, present our production to regular and new customers. For this opportunity we want to express huge gratitude to organisers of the ‘Siberian healthcare. Dentistry-2015’ exhibition./p>

Dina Zakharova, Leading Specialist of marketing and development of Irkutsk branch of SOGAZ-Med Insurance Company:

- Our company is the constant participant of the ‘Siberian healthcare’ exhibition. Also, every year we participate at the ‘Agricultural Week’ and ‘Industry of beauty’ exhibitions. Our company carries out insurance of citizens, namely, it draws up policies of compulsory health insurance for all citizens. The purpose of participation in the exhibition is to inform and consult as many people as possible about need to replace old-style OMI policies with the new model (unified). In this case it is a paper form. Also today we make a universal electronic card, which stores a number of documents, including our policy. Any citizen can get this card and insurance policy free of charge. We provide all these services, not only in offices, but also at exhibitions in Sibexpocentre. Here we can find a large number of visitors, ranging from students and ending with retirees, and consult them on any issues. Every time approved medical practitioner come with us, with whom it is possible to talk about the quality of care.

Undoubtedly, the ‘Siberian healthcare’ exhibition is a unique and useful event which promotes a healthy lifestyle. Here the population of Irkutsk Region have an opportunity to receive services and pass health examination for which they do not have the time in everyday life, and the participants can get new contacts and interesting prospects for cooperation. Thank you SibExpoCentre for such an important and necessary exhibition!

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