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The ‘Transport and Roads of Siberia. Special Equipment’ exhibition completed its work

The "Transport and Roads of Siberia. Special Equipment" exhibition completed its work on April 22. The interest in this event is growing annually not only among specialists of transport industry, but also among those who just monitor the situation closely in the automobile market.

This year more than 40 companies from Irkutsk Region, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Chelyabinsk, Orel and Moscow participated in the exhibition dedicated to the beginning of roadwork season. In the pavilion and on the open area of Sibexpocentre it was possible to get acquainted with different types of special equipment and cars, buy spare parts and accessories, tools, equipment for car services and many other things.

For example, guests of the exhibition were able to see a new model range of KAMAZ, Trassa mobile road laboratory on the basis of Ford Transit car, PAZ Vector bus of middle class of Pavlovsk Bus Plant production, road-building and construction equipment, spare parts and expendable materials from Finland, Italy, Germany, countries of Eastern Europe and the USA, filters and filter elements and many other things.

Also at the exhibition sensational novelties of 2016 — LADA Xray and Vesta cars and also popular models were presented: Kalina Cross, Largus Cross and Granta liftback. Everyone could pass test drive on the presented cars.

Within the business programme of the exhibition there was the scientific and practical "Topical Issues of Development of Transport Infrastructure and Road Construction of Siberia" conference moderated by Sergey Ten, Deputy Chairman of the Transport Committee of the State Duma. Here topical issues of the road industry of Irkutsk Region were discussed: legislative base in the sphere of transport and road economy, development of passenger traffic in the large cities, training of specialists of road industry, modernisation of railway infrastructure, problems and prospects of river transportations and many other things. Sergey Ten emphasised four immediate tasks: improving of traffic safety; increase funding for the road sector; preservation of the existing road network; more efficient use of public funds allocated to the road sector.

In addition, within the business programme two round tables organised by the profile ministries took place. Andrei Nikitin, Deputy Minister, Head of Department of Air, Railway Transport of the Ministry of Housing Policy, Energetics and Transport of Irkutsk acted as the moderator of the "Security Upgrade of Transport Systems" round table. He told about current problems of water, air, motor and railway transport in Irkutsk Region. Then the following reports were read out: "Improvement of Work of Federal Transportation Inspection Service to Improve Transport Safety", "Prospects of Development of Irkutsk Dir Transportation Centre", "Guide on Geometrical Design of City Streets and Roads", "Issues of Personnel Security in Transportation Systems" and others.

Evgeny Lipatov, Deputy Minister of Construction, Road Economy of Irkutsk Region acted as a moderator of the second round table titled the "Modern Road-building Equipment, Technologies and Materials". Within the event the following reports were read out: "New Technologies in Construction and Repair of Highways", "Technologies Reducing the Cost of Construction, Reconstruction of Highways", "Experience of Employment of Ground Improvement Technology on Federal Highways", "Bridge Constructions for Application in Rural Areas" and others.

At the official closing ceremony Natalya Tretyakova, Deputy Head of the Department of Exhibitions Organisation of Sibexpocentre OJSC thanked exhibitors for participation in the exhibition:

— For many years the "Transport and Roads of Siberia. Special Equipment" exhibition is an important event of business life of Irkutsk Region. On one platform authorities, specialists of road-building industry and also producers and suppliers of equipment, technologies and services got together. Thank you for active work at stands and in the activities of business programme. We hope that the exhibition was effective for you and opened new opportunities and prospects for you. We wish you success, implementation of new projects and contracts, and also wellbeing and optimism. See you next year!

Then there was the traditional summing up of the best exhibitor competition. For active participation in the exhibition and innovative contribution to the development of road construction industry of the region the Gold Stars were awarded to: Road Service of Irkutsk Region OJSC, TRUD JSC, Union of Road Builders of Irkutsk Region, Irkutsk National Research Technical University, RN-SPEKTR LLC, Baikal-Avtotrak-Service LLC, Korrus- Technics LLC, Timbermash Baikal LLC, Uralskaya Marka JSC and ELAND LLC. Also Grader magazine — the general information partner of the exhibition — was honored with the highest award.

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