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April 21—24, 2015 the specialised "Transport and Roads of Siberia" and "Special Equipment. Siberian Auto Service" exhibitions were held for the twenty first time in Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex.

The exhibitions have been held since 1995. 

Traditionally, the exhibitions take place in the spring before the road construction season. In 2015, the "Transport and roads of Siberia. Special equipment. Siberian auto service" exhibitions had a special meaning for Irkutsk Region, as well as for neighboring regions. Over the years they have approved themselves as an effective platform to promote the automotive service, equipment and road construction machinery.

Exhibition organiser: Sibexpocentre OJSC — a member of the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs, the leading exhibition organisation of Eastern Siberia.

With active participation of: Ministry of housing policy, energy, and transport of Irkutsk Region, Irkutsk Region Ministry of Construction and Road Facilities.

Official assistance: Transport Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Government of Irkutsk Region, Administration of Irkutsk, "Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs" Irkutsk Regional Association of Employers, East Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Under the patronage of: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Duration: 4 days
Total area: 6,000 sq.m.
Number of exhibitors: 46 companies
Number of visitors: 6700 people

The opening ceremony was attended by:

Vyacheslav Kudruk — Deputy Minister of Construction, Road Facilities of Irkutsk Region

Vitaly Shishmaryov — Head of Management of Highways of Irkutsk Region

Mikhail Kornyakov — Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector for innovation of Irkutsk National Research Technical University

Vitaly Tolstov — Vice-President, Executive Director of the Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs Irkutsk regional association of employers

Andrei Shapovalov — Director General of Sibexpocentre OJSC

At the opening ceremony Vyacheslav Kudruk, Deputy Minister of Construction, Road Management of Irkutsk Region addressed to the exhibitors and visitors with a greeting:

— Good afternoon, dear guests and participants of the exhibition. This year the exhibition is held for the 21 time and has already become an important and anticipated event in the business life of our region. I sincerely wish the participants and guests of the event to carry out all our plans, to conclude contracts and make new contacts.

Vitaly Shishmarev, Head of Highways Directorate of Irkutsk Region reminded all attendees of the main activity of the exhibitions — "Prospects of development of transport infrastructure of Siberia" scientific and practical conference:

— I want to thank everyone who participates in this exhibition and advertises their products. At the exposition there are traditionally suppliers of technique, accessory equipment, products to ensure safety on the roads of Russia and, in particular, of Irkutsk Region. I want to remind that within the exhibitions the "Prospects of development of transport infrastructure of Siberia" scientific-practical conference will be held, which will be attended by experts and leaders of branch structures of regional and federal level. I think that the declared plan of activities is rather extensive and it will arouse the interest of many industry professionals and anyone interested in traffic issues. We have a lot of serious and touchy themes which will be discussed. I hope for the capacious and useful resolution of the conference, which will bring only positive changes to the road sector.

Mikhail Kornyakov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector for Innovations of Irkutsk National Research Technical University touched upon a question of import substitution:

— Today, more than ever, the question of the road sector is particularly important for Russia. No less the question of import substitution and new developments is important, so we decided to present our best and modern achievements and developments at the stand. We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation with the guests and exhibitors.

Vitaly Tolstov, Vice President, Executive Director of the Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs Irkutsk regional association of employers also noted that the exhibition gives an opportunity for participants to present their services in terms of import substitution, thereby supporting the road sphere of the country.

This year suppliers and dealers of special equipment, spare parts and accessories, road construction equipment, tools and equipment for service, equipment and materials for road construction; companies offering transportation and logistics services, as well as organisations that provide road construction services participated at the exhibition.

Large exposition was developed on the open area of Sibexpocentre, where the special-purpose machinery, trucks, buses, cranes of various companies and producing countries were presented.


Geography of participants: Russia, China

Irkutsk Region — 68%

Other regions of Russia — 31%

Foreign participants — 1%

Spheres of exhibitors' activities:

Transport — 4%

Road building — 28%

Road-building equipment — 44%

Auto service, automobile chemistry — 13%

Related services — 11%

Distribution of participants among Russian regions:

Bashkortostan, Republic

Buryatia, Republic

Ivanovo Region

Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region

Novosibirsk Region

Moscow and Moscow Region

Chelyabinsk Region


The structural composition of visitors:
Executives and upper level managers 44%
Specialists 33%
Buyers, customers 18%

Others 5%

Geographic composition:

Irkutsk Region 86%

Other regions of Russia 8%

Foreign visitors 6%

Advertising Campaign:

To make the "Transport and Roads of Siberia" and "Special Equipment. Siberian Auto Service" exhibitions more successful an extensive advertising campaign was held, it included:

  • E-mail invitations;
  • Placement of advertising banners and information on the exhibitional, specialised and informative portals — more than 30 resources;
  • Placement of advertising models and information in specialised, information and infotainment print media — more than 40 publications;
  • Banner advertising on the city information portal in the News section;
  • Advertising in social networks Facebook, Vkontakte;
  • Broadcast of advertising clips in local and regional television channels — RenTV, AIST, First, Russia 1, Fifth — about 150 outlets;
  • Broadcast of audio advertisement on Russian Radio, Mir, Autoradio, Chanson, MSM, Humor, Vesti — about 300 outlets on the radio;
  • Audio clip translation in the following shopping centres of Irkutsk: Slata Supermarkets (47 items), Ruchei Shopping Centre, Doka Shopping Centre, Express Supermarket, Voyage Shopping Centre, Irkutsk Shopping Centre, New Market Shopping Centre, Versailles Shopping Centre, ShanghaiCityMoll Shopping Centre, Mercury Shopping Centre, Colour Park Shopping Centre, Jubilee Shopping and Entertainment Centre, Europark Shopping Centre, Fortune trade area, Building Materials Shopping Centre, Building Materials 2 Shopping Centre, BrandHall Shopping Centre, Four Seasons Trade Area, Electron Shopping Centre, Fortune Grand Shopping Centre, Universal Shopping Centre — more than 8000 times;
  • Placement of clip on video screens — Baykalskaya St. / Timiryazeva and Lenin/Gorky St;
  • Outdoor advertising: banners 3×6 — 2 constructions in March and April.

The distribution of media recourses among regions of Russia: Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, the Republic of Buryatia, Kharkov (Ukraine).

Types of Mass Media:

Specialised and information portals — 7%

Specialised and information press — 12%

Internet (incl. social networks) — 7%

Television — 15 %

Radio — 21%

Shopping centres — 20%

Video screens outside — 8%

Outdoor advertising (banners) — 10%


Within the business programme of the exhibition the "Prospects of Development of Transport Infrastructure of Siberia" scientific and practical conference took place. At the conference the issues of legislative regulation of transport and road economy, prospects of development of federal roads of Siberia and the Far East, road economy of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation and others were discussed. Reports were made by Sergey Ten, Vice-chairman of the Traffic Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Igor Starygin, Director General of the RADOR Association, Nikolai Slobodchikov, First Deputy Prime Minister of Irkutsk Region, Marina Sadovskaya, Minister of Construction, Road Facilities of the region, Mikhail Klinkov, Deputy Minister of Housing Policy and Power Industry of Irkutsk Region. Besides, Members of Legislative Assembly of the region, heads of municipalities, managers and specialists from leading companies of Angara Region and other regions of Siberia, as well as leading experts of Irkutsk Research Technical University attended the meeting

The conference began with a plenary session, moderated by Sergey Ten. Before starting work, he addressed to the participants with welcome speech:

— I am very glad that today there is a large number of public authorities. It means that road and transport are of great importance not only for Siberia and the Far East, but also for the entire country. I am convinced that this conference will be fruitful, and after its termination we will sum up the results and take a resolution. Of course, our meeting in Sibexpocentre will not complete the process of promoting of the interests of roads and transport, and will become only a starting point. Therefore I want to wish all of us productive and interesting new offers!

The plenary session included a large number of reports on relevant topics in the road sphere. Participants discussed the legislative regulation of transport and road facilities, prospects of development of federal roads of Siberia and the Far East, road facilities of territorial entities of the Russian Federation, and also development of public highways of regional or intermunicipal or local value in Irkutsk Region for years 2015—2022.

After the meeting, the participants were divided into two sections: "Road facilities in Siberia, condition and prospects of development" and "Problems of interaction between different types of transport and ensuring of transport accessibility of the population." Within sections the reports on topical issues in the road sector were announced. For example, the problems of development of pipeline transport in Siberia, the implementation of the Roadmap of development of regional air transport, conditions of the transport system of Irkutsk agglomeration and others were considered.

Upon completion of sections the conference results were summed up. According to Sergey Ten, all offers and recommendations which appeared in the course of work will be sent to the federal structures included to the ministry of transport of the Russian Federation.

Also within the programme of the exhibition the demonstration of the technological complex for patching of asphalt concrete covering took place.

On the last day of the exhibitions the results of the best exhibitor competition were summed up on a scenic platform — winners were awarded gold and silver stars of Sibexpocentre, and prize-winners were awarded diplomas. Lyudmila Galayeva, Head of the Department of the exhibitions organisation of Sibexpocentre OJSC said words of gratitude for participation in the "Transport and Roads of Siberia" and the "Special equipment. Siberian auto service" exhibitions:

— Sincerely I thank participants for their excellent work and for the fact that you are with us, despite of the crisis situation in the country. Here you demonstrated interesting and necessary to our region production as well as developments and novelties. Thanks to your participation in the exhibition, our region anyway will receive a push to further development.

GOLD STARS were awarded to:












Aleksandr Afanasyev, acting Rector of Irkutsk National Research Technical University:

- Irkutsk National Research Technical University for the first time participated in the "Transport and roads of Siberia. Special equipment. Siberian auto service" exhibition, presenting 11 innovative projects. The exhibition was organised within the "Prospects of development of transport infrastructure in Siberia" conference. Thanks to the participation in the exhibition, our university represented a multifaceted modern approach to road construction and transport, projection and management of road traffic, as well as research, studying and diagnosis of highways. Representatives of the regional government and road companies demonstrated interest to the exposition.
Also at Sibexpocentre platform the "Prospects of development of transport infrastructure of Siberia" scientific-practical conference with the participation of the Ministry of Housing, Energy and Transport of Irkutsk Region, the Ministry of Construction, Road Economy of Irkutsk Region, the Traffic Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the scientific community and business structures was held. During the meeting the state and prospects of development of the road sector of Siberia, as well as issues of interaction between different means of transport and the availability of public transport were discussed. Both the exhibition and participation in the conference confirmed the relevance of the concerns brought up and the need for it speed resolution. Thanks to Sibexpocentre team for cooperation.

Alena Golenko, Marketing Specialist of Promogroup OJSC:

— This exhibition is an important element of transport branch. People from different cities come here to declare themselves, to find reliable partners and to make new contracts. I hope that all objectives to be achieved at the exhibition were completely achieved, and new contacts made its contribution to further activity. I would like to thank the organisers of the exhibition for providing excellent platform for communication with experts, and we want to wish further prosperity. And we as title media sponsors will tell our readers what happens in the world of equipment and will wait for a new meeting!

Aleksandr Bulatov, Sales Manager of Ural Brand group of companies:

— We have been participating in the "Transport and Roads of Siberia" exhibition for several years. The purpose is demonstration of our road-building machinery and trucks — both new products and long-proven models. Ural Brand delivers equipment of only factory production with shipment from manufacturers and own platforms. All models have guaranty and service support, as well as after-sales service. We deliver original spare parts of factory production and make shipment of any parties from the manufacturers and our own warehouses in the regions. At the exhibition, we introduced new products of the company such as new Ural cars — fuel tankers and dump trucks. Undoubtedly, our special-purpose machinery aroused great interest among the visitors, some cars were purchased directly at the exhibition. Therefore, I consider it necessary to participate next year.

Nikolai Politik, Salesperson of Belshina Irkutsk trading house OJSC:

— Our company annually participates in the specialised "Transport and roads of Siberia. Special equipment. Siberian auto service", "Agricultural Week" and other exhibitions. Here we introduce consumers with the novelties released by Belshina OJSC (solid metal cord auto, truck and agricultural). I would like to note the high level of exhibition preparation. Organisers of Sibexpocentre do not feel sorry for neither funds, nor forces for preparation and holding of the event, carry out huge work on involvement of heads of the enterprises and individuals. The exhibition is unique opportunity for participants, after all they can demonstrate their products and tell about it and also find new sales markets. The business programme includes round tables where it is possible to discuss pressing problems and to find solutions to them which is of especially vital importance now in these difficult for the country times. In turn, I want to wish the organisers for further development, search and involvement of new and related participants. Our company is going to participate further in the specialised exhibitions held in Sibexpocentre.

Stanislav Pastukhov, Senior Manager of Goodwin Group OJSC:

— We have already been participating in the "Transport and roads of Siberia. Special equipment. Siberian auto service" exhibition for the second time. It is too early to speak about progress, but I am sure that thanks to this event we will get new clients soon. If we did not participate here and did not demonstrate our equipment, visitors would not learn about all our services. Our company is engaged in sale of hydraulic components, equipment and special auto electrics. Concerning the last direction we have exclusive rights in Russia, concerning the others we are official dealers. We give an expanded 2 years guarantee to all the equipment, and our experts constantly improve skills. Our production is very demanded therefore our participation in the exhibition is very expedient. Also I want to note that the exhibition gave us an opportunity to communicate with other companies and to exchange useful information. I hope that further acquaintance with some of them will positively affect our business. Now we are planning to participate in other exhibitions, such as "Agricultural Week", "Energy. Gasification" and "Wood processing industry of Siberia. Wooden house construction industry" exhibitions.

It should be reminded that the XXII specialised "Transport and Roads of Siberia" and "Special Equipment. Siberian Auto Service" exhibitions will be held in Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex on April 19—22, 2016.

We will be glad to see you among participants and visitors of the exhibition!

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