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The results of exhibition "Baikaltour" International Travel Fair. Hotel industry" were summed up in OAO "Sibexpocentre"

Yesterday the exhibition "Baikaltour" International Travel Fair. Hotel industry" finished in OAO "Sibexpocentre". Participants and visitors could decide how to plan the upcoming summer vacation, get information about new travel routes, compare offers and cost of tours.

More than 60 Russian and foreign companies took part in the exhibition. The participants came from Irkutsk and Irkutsk region, Krasnoyarsk, the Republic of Khakassia, Buryatia, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region, China, South Korea, Mongolia and Japan.

Potential travelers could find anything here: exotic, cultural and extreme tours, resorts and spas, hotels, air transportation services. The participants presented on their stands not only popular routes, but also the culture of their regions. For example, Ol'khonskii region presented its region very bright: girls in national costumes acquainted visitors with the diverse culture of their native area, traditions and customs of its people, inviting them to visit the resorts and spas.

The exposition of the Administration of Irkutsk city was dedicated to the 350-year anniversary of the city. Here visitors could learn a lot about Irkutsk, its sightseeing, popular recreation areas.

The representatives of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region told about the Yugra hospitality, luxury tourist facilities, new and interesting places for traveling.

Visitors paid special attention to the exposition of Dalian Medical Center "Golden Stone Coast". The center has medical building, hotel and private beach. All of that can help guests to combine treatment and rest at the same time in one place.

For those who loves active recreation participants offered tours to Mongolia and Lake Khövsgöl, which attracts a lot of Irkutsk citizens because of its extraordinary beauty and interesting fishing rest.

Participants made presentations and carried out bright show programs for all days of the exhibition. There was the school of ice sculpturing for visitors of the exhibition. Composition based on the legends of Lake Baikal has been installed at the entrance to the first pavilion of OAO "Sibexpocentre". Professional sculptor and teacher Ms. Elena Kalugina told about the artistic features of ice. Everyone could take part in the master class and cut out of ice the figures of seal, Baikal omul, ornament for Baikal omul tun and other elements of the sculpture. The event was organized by the tour operator "Baikal Adventure".

Industry professionals discussed the problems of development of tourism in the Irkutsk region in the frames of exhibition business program. One of the main events was the seminar "Russian-Japan cooperation in the sphere of tourism business" organized jointly with the Japan center in Khabarovsk. Japanese experts shared their experience in organization and management of hotel and tourism business. The questions of the importance of hospitality, dealing with customers and training of staff working in the hospitality industry were also discussed at the seminar. Annual participation of representatives from Japan in the business program the exhibition "Baikaltour" has become a good tradition for OAO "Sibexpocentre". Such seminars promote the development of tourism industry of the region. It also gives a great opportunity to get acquainted with industry's modern technologies, share experience and establish new business contacts.

Furthermore, The Book of Friendship "Irkutsk region — Ishikawa Prefecture" was presented in the frames of exhibition business program. The book is dedicated to the 45-year anniversary of establishing relationships. There are more than 340 pages in the book, 118 authors of which talk about the friendship of Japan with our region. The Japan Consulate General in Khabarovsk, the representatives of the Japan Center in Khabarovsk, representatives of the regional authorities and representatives of the company "Baikal-Japan" attended this presentation.

The exhibition ended with the traditional summing up for the best exhibitor.

Marketing and PR department, OAO "Sibexpocentre"

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