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The most favorable offers from builders at the ‘Realty Fair’ in Sibexpocentre


November 2, in Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex the 16th ‘Realty Fair. Mortgages. Loans’ exhibition was opened. The exposition impresses with large-scale stands of companies of developers, demonstrates the most current trends in the real estate market, a wide range of profitable offers on acquisition of the residential real estate and commercial real estate, presents new facilities and services, banking products and related directions. 


At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Aleksandr Kurbatov, First Deputy Minister of Property Relations of Irkutsk Region made a speech:

- Traditionally, the ‘Realty Fair’ is a pointer, a kind of indicator of the real estate market. Here we can see the ups and downs occurring in our industry, break new grounds. Visitors of the exhibition can choose new housing, land for construction, representatives of the business community - to select commercial premises for the development and prosperity of enterprises. Within the business programme, the issues of development of new territories for housing construction in the context of the formation of Irkutsk agglomeration will be discussed. I think that the results of the exhibition will be positive and will bring many new undertakings. 

- The exhibition has become regular for a long time, proved its tenability and efficiency, both for developers and potential buyers, - Andrei Makarov, Deputy Minister of Construction, Road Facilities of Irkutsk Region said. - For construction companies - it is a platform where you can demonstrate your achievements, competitive advantages, for the buyer - a place where you can get acquainted with new concepts, technologies, learn the latest trends in the real estate market. After all, residential complexes under construction today are not only houses and block sections, it is also a building surrounding grounds, infrastructure. With each new building our city is younger, Irkutsk Region is younger.


Then, Andrei Kotelevsky, Co-founder of the Baikal Union of Realtors congratulated participants with the opening of the exhibition. He told that today the Baikal Union of Realtors includes more than 20 real estate agencies which not the first year steadily take the leading positions in the capital of Eastern Siberia. Besides, he has emphasised that the Baikal Union of Realtors is the unique for today public organisation in Irkutsk representing skilled realtor community.

The guests and participants of the exhibition were also greeted by Andrei Shapovalov, General Director of Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex:

- On behalf of Sibexpocentre I express my great gratitude to all those who helped us in organising the 16th ‘Realty Fair’. Many thanks to all the participants who have shown enormous creativity in the development of the stands, their decoration. The exhibition plays with bright colors! Words of gratitude to the Government of Irkutsk Region, the Ministry of Property Relations and the Ministry of Construction, Road Facilities of Irkutsk Region, for their participation in the creation of the exhibition, for the most interesting business programme. Most importantly, this programme will be useful for both participants and guests. So let me thank everyone and announce the exhibition open!

After the end of the official part, one of the key events of the business programme of the exhibition took place - the ‘Development in Irkutsk and region: a step towards the future’ round table, organised by the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers. During the programme of the event, which included the speech of 14 speakers, there was a full discussion of the situation in the real estate market of Irkutsk and the region, the main trends and forecasts were reviewed. The keynote of the round table was the theme of renovation of the territories, and those changes in Irkutsk Region which promote it or prevent it.

On the first day, both Irkutsk residents and residents of Irkutsk Region got acquainted with the exhibition. More than 80 participants presented a wide choice of housing for every taste with a wide geography of real estate: Irkutsk, Shelekhov, Angarsk, Usolye, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Sochi, Vietnam, Turkey, Spain.


However at the exhibition it is possible not only to find detailed information, choose the pleasant layout and see future house on models and banners, but also to take a 3d -tour on housing estate by means of glasses of virtual reality and also to learn the card of panoramas of new buildings on the big touch panel in detail. A panorama of 360 degrees allow to plunge really into the atmosphere of that place where it has been removed and, saving your time, to choose an interesting option.

Besides, visitors can get advice on programmes of mortgage lending and in more detail learn the services of more than 10 banks. Also at the exhibition it is possible to get free advice of specialists of the pension fund, tax administration, lawyers, cadastral chamber, the multipurpose centre, designers, realtors.

It will be possible to learn about the real estate market everything and even more till November 5 inclusive, working hours of the exhibition: November 2-4 — from 10:00 till 19:00, November 5 — from 10:00 till 18:00.


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