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тел.: (3952) 35-29-00
24 january
wednesday, 01:59


Name unit of measurement the price per
unit, rub.
the price per
unit, $
the price per
unit, €
Booking rooms in hotel Cost of hotel
City transfer
Car (economy class) hour 800 28,4 21,5
Car (VIP-Class) hour 3000 106,5 80,5
Minibus person/rub 450 16,0 12,1
Rent of truck hour 650 23,1 17,4
Excursion programmes:
"Baikal is a Pearl of Siberia" (including virtual dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal) (not less than 8 people) person/rub 1200 42,6 32,2
Evening excursion to Lake Baikal (from 8 people) person/rub 1000 35,5 26,8
Assistance in acquisition of the Avia and Railway tickets 1% of the cost of air and railway tickets + delivery
Assistance of mailings Rates of postal communications + transportation services
Translation, referent services cost of Association of Translators
Services of internal radio advertising exhibition 3000 106 80

Payment can be made in U.S. Dollars or Euro (at the current CBRF rate on the day of invoicing).

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