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Exhibition Complex

Historically, Irkutsk has always been a city of trade and commerce. Therefore, in 1768, Irkutsk Fair was established by Imperial Decree, which operated three months during a year. After the Revolution the practice of holding fairs in Angara region stopped, because it was considered that, National Economy Achievement Exhibition (VDNKh) — one Exhibition Complex is quite enough to the whole country.


In 1991, Irkutsk Fair was given a new start. It was a tremendous success. Modern exhibition and trade fair activities of the region began since that moment.

In 1996, Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex was built in Irkutsk. Today, it is the largest presentation area of Eastern Siberia, which includes three pavilions, total square area of 4500 sq.m. and open-air exhibition area of 3400 sq.m.

Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex is a member of:

Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (1992),

East Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Irkutsk Region Union of Road builders,

Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs Irkutsk Regional Association of Employers.

The exhibition complex is located within 40 minutes' journey from Lake Baikal, in a new business centre of the city with a full range of business services.

More than 30 exhibitions and fairs are annually held in the exhibition centre. Its' themes reflect almost all sectors of Irkutsk Region economy. Among participants there are Russian regions, near abroad and far abroad countries companies: Japan, South Korea, China, the USA, Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, India, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorussia and others.

Sibexpocentre is a perfect place for holding various business events. Exhibition space can be quickly transformed into conference halls for several hundreds of seats, concert halls and podiums. The complex has modern types of demonstration, communication equipment and facilities.

The exhibition complex is a main venue of the Baikal International Economic Forum — its plenary meeting and exhibition; it tells about confidence in the exhibition complex and the quality of holding exhibitions and congress events.

Sibexpocentre is actively developing cooperation with foreign countries. Great attention is paid to establishing strong business contacts with Asia Pacific countries. The result of this work is not only new foreign exhibitors, but also new ideas, technologies and foreign investments to Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region.

Sibexpocentre is an organisation, which can make a presentation at any major international and Russian exhibitions. Specialists of the exhibition complex have experience of preparing and presenting expositions: at exhibitions, which accompany economic forums, presentations of Irkutsk region in Europe and Asia-Pacific countries, presentations of Siberian Federal District in Russia and abroad and foreign national exhibitions in Russia.

Sibexpocentre is a team of professionals, which combines long-term experience with innovative approaches and modern exhibition technologies. The team of professionals can not only prepare and hold any event, but also decide many organisational issues linked to the organisation of advertising campaigns, reservation of hotel rooms, transfer and booking excursions for participants.

We are open to cooperation!

Welcome to Sibexpocentre!

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